InfoProdigy is the latest product created and marketed by Tim Godfrey, Steve Clayton, and Kate Anderson. It is one of the many products marketed by Godfrey and Clayton, some of which are Commission Blueprint and Niche Blueprint, while Anderson is a known and experienced niche marketer with 300 products available. What the InfoProdigy does is to show internet enthusiasts and marketers step by step the process on how to create and sell simple digital products online so that tons of cash can be earned with little effort monthly. It is a 638 page ebook with videos, templates, and video walkthroughs that show full instruction on how to succeed on the online market.

Why is there a need for this kind of business? It is a well know fact that selling online is very profitable and hot on the market these days. And InfoProdigy is going to show you on how to make a kind of business that will last you for a long time. What it does it to help inexperienced, low capital, none working individuals succeed in their own right in the internet market. How? There are seven modules that are discussed in the ebook that serves as secrets or as a formula to start an online business. These are:

How to find a niche or market where you can create and sell and product. In addition, you can also learn how to test this market to find out if it is profitable and before you can create a good information product.
Once a niche is found, one can now begin to make a product. This would not delve into issues as how to make a product despite the skill or budget that you possess. You can harness the power of outsourcing, as strategies and valuable advice is given by the authors for you to learn how to sell the products of others if you do not have one.
With a product in hand, the next step is to learn how to sell it. This is where sales and marketing strategies come in place where you will learn how to make the perfect pitch page in order to maximize sales once the product is out on the market.
Once the pitch page is out and about, you have to learn on how to select and set up a payment processor to which your customers can purchase the product you have just presented.
With the entire website is done, you can begin to launch your product by having background information on finding JV partners and affiliates, create a buzz in launches, and keep customers coming in even after a launch and decrease product turn over rate.
The next step is to finalize the sale price by learning all about business and product valuation.
And lastly, additions such as hosting and FTP are also discussed.

These modules are downloaded for free but are only available in the online market for seven days after its release date. Info Prodigy comes with a standard 60-day money back guarantee. If for any reason you aren’t satisfied with your results, simply request your money back.