Hyper FB is a money making strategy solely focused on affiliate marketing inside Facebook. Facebook is currently the biggest and most popular social media network all over the internet with more than 500 million subscribers. Hyper FB guarantees that by using their proven step by step guides, an affiliate marketer will get huge volumes of traffic in Facebook. Hyper FB was formulated by Simon Adams, together with Adeel C. and Bobby Walker.

The system introduced by Hyper Facebook does not require any technical know how about the internet or even traditional affiliate marketing strategies like SEO, PPC or PPV. Hyper Facebook does not require its customers to learn online marketing strategies or read and buy several affiliate marketing ebooks. The Hyper FB team will give you everything you need in order to make money inside Facebook through their step by step strategy. Aside from this, the marketing niche you want to target does not matter since they have proven their step by step method is useful to any marketing niche over the internet.

Hyper FB consists of several steps that will lead an affiliate marketer to huge traffic sales through their Facebook account. The first step you will learn is how to target your market audience through their Mass Control Group program, which will lead you to ‘friends’ that will buy your products. This module also contains a video that will show you how to do this inside Facebook. After that, module 2 will give you tips and tricks on how to set up your Facebook account as a money making page. The module will give you instructions on how to create your profile page and finally make your Facebook account a Cash Gateway.

The third module is the Hyper Media Influx, which will give you a permanent source of huge visitors through techniques such as creating special pages to attract potential buyers, without the need for any technical web design knowledge. The last module presented by the team is what they call the Mass Infiltration strategy that targets your buyers, understands what they need and provides it to them. There is also a video that will show you how to access several Facebook Apps that will give you tons of visitors automatically once you turn it on. According to the website these modules are just a part of their whole program and they offer more modules and strategies once you opt to buy their product.

Hyper Facebook is offered at $79.00 with a no questions asked money back guarantee. If you try to use the system for 2 months without getting any results, you can ask for a refund and at the same time get a 100 dollar rebate from the authors. All the modules contain videos that will teach you how to execute the steps mentioned above. If you are a Facebook addict and an online affiliate marketer at the same time, Hyper FB can be the step by step guide that you need.

HyperFB comes with a standard sixty day money back assurance. If for some reason you aren’t totally satisfied with your results simply ask for your money back at any time.