The Home Job Stop is a website designed by Rita Miller Woods and marketed since 1999 and has gained international acclaim over the World Wide Web. It is a website that offers fool proof, scam free, and great opportunities for online work for its members in order to gain financial freedom and be able to work from home.

To expound more, the site is more likely a data base or search engine that will help you locate work according to your tastes when you sign up as a member. It provides great service and is proven to allocate jobs to members according to their skills. Once you become a member, the access to jobs are countless as well as tips on how to be successful. You will get free email reports or updates on new jobs, and a newsletter that will provide other industry information. What makes this site superb is that people who post jobs are screened thoroughly to ensure that contractors are equally protected and the site delivers to its standards.

Once you sign up as member to this site, you get to access twelve home job categories: 70+ listings for business, 120+ listings for clerical tasks, 170+ listings for tasks related customer service, 120+ listings for tasks related to engineering and programming, 70+ listings for finance related jobs, 100+ listings for creative art and design, 20+ listings for human resources such as secretarial jobs, 240+ listings for miscellaneous tasks, 300+ listings for jobs found in marketing and sales division, 80+ listings in relation to the medical field such as medical transcription, 80+ listings for web development, and 200+ job listings available for writing. If this sounds too complex, then you can use the search option in the website that lets you find a job suitable for you according to title, description, and location. After doing this, you can select from two options to locate if there are any available positions. The first option is to search using individual links by job categories and the other is using the job bank search engine for more specifications. Also, the job listings added are updated daily. This means that you can continually search for the perfect job as you go along or get into multiple jobs for a bigger income.

There are three membership types found in this website. The first one is the one year membership that allows you to receive a free newsletter every two weeks. The second type is access to the Job Bank database only. And the third membership known as the lifetime full membership entails members to get the newsletter and the free access to the database. The basic package is sold for $27, but a note to remember is that jobs are only for those in the United States.