The product Hard Cash Hijack was created and marketed by owners Mike Auton and Chris X, his unknown “hijacker” friend who worked closely with him creating the new software for cash generation. The basic description of this product is that it offers you to purchase and install a software in which you can have pre-made websites that will promote a product of your choice, drive mass amounts of untapped traffic into it, makes sales and then make money in just a short period of time.

Unlike other automated software presented and sold in the internet market today, this product assures you real cash earning methods over the internet. In fact, the creators do not boast $50,000 income a day but rather a more modest amount than this. However, they will ensure that you will continually earn 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year, scam free. The secret behind their success is their ability to locate untapped, fresh, non-saturated, internet traffic that has not been tapped by other companies such as Google.

How does Hard Cash Hijack work? First of all, after purchasing the software from their website, there will be a list of products that are mostly selling of the internet, and you have the ability and freedom to choose from them. After this, you will be customizing your pre-set websites according to your specification, but this will not require prior experience or knowledge on programming. After finishing this all up, you will now have the chance to drive internet traffic into your website, generating accounts and cash as much as possible. This three-step system is the brainchild of this product, which prides itself on making the process of installation, set-up, customization, and launching such an easy step of just 1-2-3.

In addition, this software does not use common traffic generators such as Google, Bing, social media tools, PPC (Pay per Click), Search Engine Optimization, or Pay Per View. Instead it introduces the use of modern direct linking, which is able to target massive traffic from unused sources. This makes your approach fresh and less saturated compared to other competitors in the internet market who use the same traffic generators and the same target populace which makes it harder to compete. One minor requirement is that you have to invest some of your cash in order to tap to really cheap high converting traffic. But the payback is high as you can utilize tons of affiliate programs in areas such as marketing on internet, FOREX, health, beauty, pets and pet care, sports, fashion market, photography, stocks, and even real estate.

Hard Cash Hijack is sold for $67 which is greatly reduced from its original price of $147. In addition to the features stated above, it has a 60 day money back guarantee, as well as access to “members only” website for markets that have top converting niches to use for the product of your choice.