Google ShockWave is a training course for identifying cheaper PPC advertisement on the Google network and developed by Ray Johnson. This is a package of modules in eBook and video courses that explains the process of cheaper PPC and maximizing your profit in a legal and easy way. Ray Johnson’s Google ShockWave website shows a video introduction to the product and his profits after trying out his new system.

Ray Johnson wanted to make more money so he tried to tweak his Google Adwords account but didn’t want to get blacklisted or kicked out of the system. He hired someone to set up a test campaign for him using great idea that he came up with. Eventually, the test campaign came back with positive results and thus the birth of the Google ShockWave.

This new system will help you gain more traffic and help you gain more traffic since you will not be paying as much for PPC from Google Adwords. Imagine paying for 300% less than what your competition is paying for and getting the same amount of traffic. That would mean more profit inside your account. Imagine massive laser-focused traffic barging into your websites and converting into sales. That would mean even more profit for you. Ray Johnson’s Google ShockWave gives you a chance to experience paying only a mere 1 cent for each click.

The course is made up of 12 training modules with a detailed eBook. The eBook has full color screen shots and step-by-step instruction on making more money through Google. This system can be set up and running in less than 12 hours with profits for show. Aside from that, the videos show screen captures of the instructions that will go hand-in-hand with the eBook for better understanding and easy following. The system is basically point and click so it’s hard to go wrong.

In Google ShockWave, you will learn how Ray Johnson makes $8000 by just spending 1 cent per click, how to drive great and unstoppable traffic into your profitable websites from any niche, how to set up the system in less than an hour per website, and how to make a killer list off the back of the traffic that you are generating. This training course will also teach you the basics of powerful keyword research and how to make a Google “happy” page to land in more money to your account.

The whole training package may be purchased at their website, just click the “Add to Cart” button. The Google ShockWave is worth more than $400 considering the worth and the genius that it’s made of. However, the whole course may be bought for a meager $47 plus it comes with a 60-day risk-free money back guarantee. Whatever wrong you find with the product, Ray Johnson assures to give back 100% of what you paid for. Less cost for PPC, more profit and additional information on effective marketing — this package sure has a lot of potential. Since it is risk free, trying it out would not hurt especially if you gain the promised profit with the use of the system.