Google Supremacy is a step-by-step course created by Craig Dawber to help its customers earn autopilot income by building websites, flooding it with the necessary traffic, and establishing the necessary tools to make it into another passive income stream. As a result of this thorough program through its 45-day blueprint and action plan, customers will have the opportunity to instantly earn cash throughout the training. Even those persons without much internet marketing experience can earn an income online with this guide.

With Google Supremacy you will learn how to set up a site in just a few minutes. This is among the few business models included in the course. However, setting up websites or mini-websites are among the most popular forms found in this course. These mini-websites may contain reviews on popular information products that are found sold on Google Supremacy provides five proven website templates, which help in setting up the mini-website in only a few minutes. After following the simple steps provided, the customer will then have the opportunity to witness the website’s rise on top of Google as the keywords are typed on its search engine. When this happens, ClickBank will then pay the website creator a hefty commission for every site visitor who clicks through the link of the particular product being reviewed. The pay can be anywhere from $17 to about $49 for every sale made through it.

Another part of the Google Supremacy training course is seven Search Engine Optimization systems. Craig Dawber will take the customer through seven ultra-proven and power SEO techniques. As having gone through being broke himself, Craig Dawber utilized these techniques to capitalize on the free traffic from the search engines. The customer will be able to find out how these are being done even without shelling out a single dime to pay for traffic. It might sound like a lot to learn having seven in all, but Craig Dawber has made the steps so simple that it took him to explain one of the steps in just about ten minutes. What’s more interesting is that each of the steps is enough for one to earn money without having the need to use all of them. The steps are so easy that one doesn’t even have the need to know why the program works, but instead follow the necessary instructions on the online program of Google Supremacy Blueprint, one click at a time.

Other interesting lessons include the Phantom Link Wheel, which could help in boosting up traffic. Access to unlimited articles from a covert software and how to be able to get the best keywords for research as well as activating autopilot where the entire system could run completely and provide a steady stream of passive income. All these come in five instructional videos, a training manual as well as the 45-day blueprint book.

Google Supremacy comes with an 8 weeks or 60 days risk-free guarantee where a refund will be given within 2 business days when a customer is not 100% satisfied with the purchase of only $77.