Now a days you will find plenty of personal development coaches or life coaches who promise to put your life on the right track with the use of their program. Go Big Now is one such personal development program developed by Kristen Howe. This program promises to turn the user’s life around in just 60 days time, if they follow this program.

The creator of this program Kristen Howe claims that she herself used to live a rather miserable life and that she wasted a lot of her time and money following a personal development coach, who turned out to be a fraud, leaving her in an even worse shape than before. But then she contacted another life coach, who after learning of her debts offered her a job. She worked for this life coach for almost 2 years, after which she decided to branch out on her own. She claims that her system has helped her turn her life around and that it can help anyone in the same situation as her. The way this system works is that the user registers for it in the website and then once a month get on the phone with the systems creator in a group setting to ask question, and receive her advice and guidance. This program basically involves a passion to profit action plan, where the user is offered a way to make a living doing something their passionate about. This program guarantees success by surrounding the user with the mindset of success and accountability. It offers to discover exactly what drives the user, revealing the roadmap to where the user wants to go, uncover the user’s purpose and instantly turn their passion in to their life solution and giving them a step by step action plan to achieve it.

This program offers 4 different types of services. VIP membership for the price of $147/month, Monthly focus and action call for $97/month, answers and accountability for $97/month and greatness library, which is available for $47/month. All the services come with a 60 day money back guarantee.