Forced Money is an internet marketing technology developed by Dr. Jon Cohen and was designed to teach you how to create an income online through websites. It is a website development program that can simply be activated with a single click of the mouse which will automatically begin sending lots of free traffic to your website, as well as getting subscribers forcing the sale!

With Forced Money you will receive a software which helps develop incredibly well designed websites. The websites design was carefully tested by Dr. Cohen as well as seventeen other top internet marketers. The website was proven to convert at an amazing ratio of 6:1! The graphic headers are sharp and have images that are well-contrasted, connecting the users to the landing pages regardless of the niche. Forced Money uses the “top secret video” allusion, which is and extremely powerful method used in marketing in which the teaser video has some deliberately placed blurred out parts that helps increase a visitors curiosity. Forced Money will utilize the curiosity to sign up for your newsletter to access the rest of the video or information . Forced Money helps users get their first ClickBank ID for free, which will allow them to begin marketing their new growing email list. Products being offered on the site developed are geared towards creating a marketing and ads niche. Leads are then established through a dynamic database attached specifically for the created website only. An automatic electronic sales manager will then calculate number of follow-up emailers and sends well-tested emailers other offers for further sales beyond the original offer.

Not only does ForcedMoney offer an amazing website. It also helps in converting sales automatically, which in effect directly puts money into your pocket. You will learn how to make your website run automatically and at no extra cost, as well as continuously promoting to your lists over and over. Forced Money shows you how to grow a more proven list as it is being cultivated, allowing it to function automatically. Forced Money uses proven marketing methods by offering free information, forcing people to sign up for your email list, just so that they could have the privilege of going to the other side of the program in order to learn more. All in all you get an automatic money-making machine on a website that contains new breakthrough technology that is revolutionary, an round the clock and automatic website where visitors get catapulted into the lucrative sales cycle. On top of this, the new website will have the means of scheduling leads for another 500 offers over the next 3 years.

Forced Money even includes extra bonus’ such as Viral Marketing Technology, which teaches you how to get free traffic to your website. This is done through the addition of a powerful new technology that was created and developed by and it comes with the package absolutely free of charge. Clicking on the little button “Share This with Your Friends & Win Up to $1,000 Cash!” button would then have a link to social websites like Facebook, MySpace, Hi5, etc. Plus it will allow you to access the exclusive Members Super Center where you can get individual selling tools that were carefully-tested to make the most money out of the new site. In addition to this is a Quick-Start Guide showing an easy 1-2-3 step format incorporating all to the site.

Forced Money website development program is available for a limited offer of $47 only. Forced Money offers a money back guarantee for up to sixty days after the purchase.