For the past several years Internet marketing has become the latest thing for all the marketers in the world. As it is with these types of trends, there are now countless info products and tutorials concerning the subject all over the Internet. Some of these products are available for free where as some of them has to be purchased. Flip Course is a product developed by Amir Rimer, this product promises its users a sure fire strategy to make money online by utilizing website flipping.

Website flipping means to buy and improve a website and then sell it for a higher price and profit. The term comes from property industry where the investors would buy a property then renovate it to add more value then sell it for a higher price. Website flipping is the same thing only with website rather then a physical property. Like any other online marketing strategy this too has many tutorials and training courses available, the Flip Course is one such training course. Although this course only provide help for one particular type of online marketing but it comes with full money back guarantee, so any would be online marketer should at least give it a try. The Flip Course is a six week long intensive training course aimed for online marketers who are new in this line of work. The author of this training course Amir Rimer assures the users that the lessons in these courses are personally tested by him and its topics and modules are constantly kept up to date to ensure that the users will always have the latest information concerning the business. The author of this guide states that he himself has been to countless different type of training courses and knows the types of disadvantages the students might face here. He promises that this course is different from all of them and a lot easier to follow. To ensure of this claim, this course makes room for a lot more human attention than other courses such as this. For example the students can email the courses author any time they want for any concerns or questions about the course. Former students have ensured that this is the case, and that the author is in fact available for consultation for any one of his students. The Flip Course also offers a free 7 day course, which allows the users to test out the lessons this course will teach, before they invest any of their money on it.

The actual flip course guide is available for $67 on the Flip Course website and it comes with full 60-day money back guarantee, in case the users are not satisfied with the result, making any possible risk of enrolling in this program greatly reduced.