Fast Pages Profit was created and marketed by Tom Bell and Shawn Casey, originally designed for a single mom to earn cash as she was struggling to make ends meet. The package works by providing you a preset website, a stream of visitors, and a set of online products so that you can earn money online without having to spend a lot of money for set up or have extensive knowledge or information background on online marketing. All that is left for you to do is generate traffic to these sites, and the ways to generate traffic is also provided in the package.

The Fast Profit Pages is a business in a box that lets you earn money with minimal effort. You get 20 sites that are already pre set with products and sales copy as well as a step by step action plan on how to generate traffic to your new sites. The idea was that the only things one needs to make money online is a website, visitors, and products but a lot of people do not get the blue print on how to make the entire thing work. Using the program offered here, the hard work and jumble on how to put all three together are already taken cared of. The creators have already made professional websites that are complete with video, content, and promotion, providing a blue print or guide on how to get targeted customers or visitors to your site, and they have selected products that are currently hot off the market and are in great demand. The websites given to you all have different niches and are prepopulated with Click Bank products so that these can be promoted as an affiliate. The videos given talk about how to drive traffic to your sites, as well as it gives six additional guides about traffic generation, search engine optimization (SEO), YouTube, and others.

The Fast Pages Profit is sold for $97 with a sixty day money back guarantee. The program targets existing customers, people who have already purchased something online, which means selling them products will be easy and effective. All you have to do is make your website a trusted reviewed one, so that customers will be convinced that your products are top notch. Although the Fast Pages Profit is sold for a higher price compared to other online programs offered in the market, investing in this product can be considered as a good thing to do as it is completely legitimate and not a get rich quick scheme that does not work. Purchasing can be done online using major credit or debit cards as well through trusted payment methods such as Paypal.