One of the best ways to quickly get return of investment or ROI is by releasing ads about your business, service or product. Since the internet is a widely used tool today, a lot of businesses and companies have been using it not only to promote their business, but to establish clientele. A typical internet user would go online for one major reason: to check a social networking website that he or she is a member of. One of the most popular social networking site as of today is Facebook. Nearly every person who goes online has a Facebook account.

If your target is to have more people business your site, then making use of Facebook Ads Manager is a wise decision. However, it is important that you know how, when and what to advertise to make sure that it is effective. Posting ads in Facebook is not for free, so must ensure that you do it properly.

Facebook Ads Manager is a tool that automatically creates ads posted in Facebook, which was created by 4Hour Affiliate. It claims to reduce up to 80% of the time you have to spend in creating and posting ads. One of the most time consuming activities when creating ads is testing. Testing your ads is important so that you don’t waste money in useless adverts and focusing only on those that creates results for you.

How does Facebook Ads Manager work? This tool would first request some important information from you so that it would better understand the market you are targeting. When enough information has been gathered, the tool would mix and match, then create and release ads in strategic locations at strategic times. The tool would then gather the statistics of the ads created so that you can evaluate which ads, which locations and which times are best to show your ads.

What’s more, the tool could do split-testing so that more ads are tested in a short period of time. With this, you can keep on testing your ads until you have found the perfect combination to gather more clicks and views towards your business. The perfect combination would likewise increase your profit.

There are a lot of positive reviews towards Facebook Ads Manager. However, the tool’s creator and owner have purposely made their name and contact data private. This can put a lot of people in doubt about the usefulness of the tool. One good thing that would put your doubts behind is the fact that if you subscribe, you would get all the upgrades free. This means that the creators are consistently trying to improve the product, more to the convenience of their subscribers. Facebook Ads Manager costs $200, one-time fee. But the number of ads that you can release using this tool for the lifetime of your business is more than just $200, so it is definitely worth every penny.