Epic Firesale is a hot software program collection that a person can resell for 100% profit. It was created by Eric Holmlund and Jeff Alderson for people to make a fortune on the internet and become successful in the software industry. This was recently released on and has only been released for a short time and had already become one of the top 1000 bestseller in the E-business and E-marketing industry. Eric and Jeff are now offering resale rights and private license rights that would only last up to seven days.

The Epic Firesale is unlike any ordinary program. Not only does it allow the buyer to make money by creating websites, it gives the individuals, especially the webmasters resale rights for any product involved in affiliate marketing. Examples of such products would be software programs, .pdf files, or informative coaching programs. These products show how one can make more money on the web. Not to mention, it also guides the user with the software.

The Epic Firesale has a lot in store for its buyers with a number of software programs and eBooks duly recognized by the online marketing industry. With these, you will have a whole inventory of products which you can start selling immediately. An advantage as compared to starting off on a software business with only one to two products, this product will allow you to generate earnings immediately. The Epic Firesale has a nearly endless supply of in-demand products. This provides you with more add-on products to your primary product. Using the Epic Firesale, you will learn how to set up and run your own software business which saves you those trial runs – saving you some time and effort. You will have useful programs, scripts, and information at your disposal that enable you to effortlessly and rapidly bring your current business to success. The Epic Firesale also helps you choose new and original suggestions for your product and even help you choose an inventory of bonuses to add up to your primary product. This online coaching program allows you to establish a solid and stable business, as well as build its reputation. This would be a good start to gain consumer trust and confidence.

This product has been offered at a price of 97 US Dollars. It includes Search Engine Optimization software programs that allow the user to generate more income online. An example would be the Project Manager which is a software utility which allows the user to manage his or her projects. The Epic Firesale also offers script files like The Email Protector. This script is used to safeguard your email address from Web based email harvesters. All these and many more will be included in the Epic Firesale online coaching collection.