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Having had financial and emotional problems at the age of 30, James Knight started to desire changing his life to be able to live the “American Dream.” After getting together with an uncle who quit his day job to work full time in his website that sells products, he got interested in the internet business and fired questions at his uncle and took down notes on everything that he is learning. It turned out that his uncle found a piece of software that instantly creates a website that you can post on the web to sell digital products. The challenged posed to James Knight was generating traffic to produce income. He tried the same software his uncle used and searched the web for ways to increase traffic into his site. After months of toil, he stumbled upon a piece of software that automatically submits your website to different sites in the internet. This website allowed him to gather more visitors to his website and just after a day, he sold his first product and the full profit went straight to his PayPal account.

After his first sale, he quit his day job and started to work full time in generating traffic to his website to earn more income. He was able to triple his salary in a few weeks and was earning an average of $20,000 a month. After months of trying out different strategies and software, he has now come up with an entire system to help out other people to earn as much as he did – the Elite Wealth Package. The package includes his secrets and tips in creating his website and generating traffic, hundreds of video tutorials, and pieces of software along with marketing guides.

His Elite Wealth Package and the perks that you will receive do not have complicated requirements. All you need is a laptop or computer, internet connection and a few hours to set everything up before the cash starts rolling in. After signing in and entering your details, you just have to follow the instructions and see the money get credited to your PayPal account.

The webpage ends with some video testimonials of those who purchased the Elite Wealth Package from James Knight’s website. He offers his Elite Wealth Package for $49.95 and may be purchased using PayPal or major credit cards. The payment is one-time cash out for you; there will be no additional charges after paying the $49.95 purchase fee. If ever you decide navigate from the webpage, the package will be offered at $29.95 — a huge 20-dollar discount just to get you to purchase the product. The purchase has a 60-day money back guarantee. If ever you are not satisfied with the results, email the owner and refund every cent of your purchase. This product is risk free and may come in very helpful to those who need extra income or to those who are looking for ways to live the American Dream just like James Knight.