EasyClickMate is the original ClickBank affiliate management system tool that was established in 2002 and created by Adrian Ling of EasyBizTools.com. It effectively allows promoting products online through a network of affiliate marketers without the hassles associated with administrative functions in tracking sales and paying since ClickBank has already taken care of this part. This complete system will help boost income through ClickBank and enable the affiliate marketers generate even more sales.

In a nutshell, the following benefits are provided when ordering and downloading easyClickMate:

Multiple Product Management on a Single Account – EasyClickMate will enable its customers to effectively manage various products with only a single ClickBank account that can be found in multiple websites.
Effective Closing Sale Strategy – a correct product sales page will be targeted directly when accessing each affiliate link.
Vital Marketing Statistics – effective marketing strategies will be fine-tuned by provided comprehensive statistics thereby giving an extra edge over the current competitors. Product conversion ratio, list of top affiliates, and as well as a list of top performing products are just some of the few comprehensive states given at a glance.
ClickBank’s Market Place Position Boosting – is achieved by considering to merge multiple products under different accounts into one account with the use of easyClickMate(TM).
Subscriber List Repopulation – growing the subscribers list can be made by asking affiliates to send traffic to website (sending visitors to a free newsletter), asking them to purchase, and giving the necessary commissions of a successful sale.
Increased Link Popularity Through Web Traffic – when using EasyClickMate, your affiliates will be able to link back to your site as opposed to the hoplinks of ClickBank linking it to its site. By having a lot of affiliates linking on the website, this will boost link popularity on search engines.
Professional Affiliate URLs On Product Pages – examples of which are www.yoursite.com/specialoffers.yourcountry’slettercode or www.yoursite.com/success.yourcountry’slettercode, etcetera.
Affiliates Management – a powerful tool for keeping a record of all affiliates (e.g. name, email, nickname, date joined, etc.) that can be used during product launching ready for promotion. This will also provide affiliates a chance to check their own statistics like number of hits, sales, or conversion ratio.
Notifying Affiliates On Their Sales Via Email – this tool will give a personal touch in dealing with affiliates online.
Tracking Code (“tid”) 100% Compatible With ClickBank’s Hoplink – regardless of what type of link affiliates may use, easyClickMate(TM) is 100% compatible with each one which is very important when ebooks become viral with the hoplinks embedding.
Full Automation – generation of the special URL Links used by affiliates are fully automated, saving precious amount of time with no need of messy hand-coded html instructions by just logging in to the Affiliate Center and selecting the product to be promoted, then clicking on the ‘Get Link’ button.
Third Party Software Intgeration – software like EasyDownProtector and EasyClickGuard are just some of the backend software where EasyClickMate can pass all the ClickBank return data and can be integrated when accepted.
Personalized Sales Letter – sent by the affiliates to subscribers where boosting conversion rate is a guarantee.
Simple Setup and Customization Procedures – Web-based installation will be user-friendly, as well as doing custom installs without messing any scripts at a cost of $30.

EasyClickmate costs $67 and comes with an industry standard of a 60-day money back guarantee. If for some reason you aren’t totally satisfied with EasyClickMate simply request your money back.