Dude I Hate My Job is a step by step video guide on how you can turn your blog into a money making opportunity. This program is created by Adam Horwitz, who has a personal website that you can check at www.adamhorwitz.tv. According to Adam he is earning an average of $500.00 a day because of his blogging.

The Dude I Hate My Job program is made up of three major steps. The first step will teach you how to make a ‘Brand’ out of yourself and your blogging. This basically means that Adam will teach you how to make a name for yourself, and use this reputation to earn money. The videos on this step consist of tips on how to make your blog, and develop it through your passion in any particular subject. For example, if you’re a video game enthusiast, the Dude I Hate my Job guide will help you develop a blog about gaming. It doesn’t matter what type of blog you are interested in, the Dude I Hate My Job program will help you out every step of the way.

The second major subject the program will teach you is how to get a huge amount of traffic through online media sites like Facebook, Youtube and Twitter. This is the secret step that you will need to learn to start cashing in earnings through the internet. According to the video posted on the site, this step will teach you how to exploit all the popular media sites and direct viewers to your blog site.

Once your blog is established and you have a consistent amount of traffic coming in, the third step will teach you how to make money out of this system. First, the Dude I Hate My Job program will teach you the steps on how to get major companies to post advertisements on your website, and then it will also give you steps on how to make money through affiliate marketing. And since you are blogging something that you are passionate about, Adam will also teach you how to make your own online courses and convince people to purchase this course for an additional income.

The Dude I Hate My Job program has over 25 step by step videos that you will be able to access once you become a member. Aside from the steps given above, you will also be able to access more information on how to make money online. For you to join the program you will have to enter a valid email address on the website and then you will be sent to another page where you can purchase your membership.

The membership fee for Dude I Hate My Job is $77.00. When you join the program, you will gain access to all the details given above, and several bonus videos that will help you in making money online. The membership fee also comes with a 60 days no questions asked money back guarantee. All you have to do is inform the Dude I Hate My Job support team and your fee will be refunded. Currently, there is also a $10.00 discount when you try to navigate away from the site.