DJK or Day Job Killer Assassin was created and marketed by Chris McNeeney, after disappearing for six months underground to create this plug in. He has also created viral products over the internet such as Adwords Miracle and Affiliate Project X. The Day Job Killer Assassin is a membership site that lets you use several tools to become an internet success and “pickpocket” loads of cash from rich affiliates in no time.

The first tool offered is the Daddy Keyword Tool. We all know that keyword search is both time consuming and prone to errors such as mistyped key words or searching the wrong Google site after some time. But keyword search is also important to become an online success. The Google Assassin Daddy Keyword Tool is a great tool to eliminate errors in a short fraction of time. How does it work? You type in a key word in the tool, and it generates a list of keywords as well as an estimate of how many people use the tool in a span of 30 days. It will also show the amount of advertisers on the keywords used. However, this kind of job is present in almost all of the offered packages such as the DJK Assassin. What sets it apart from others is that you can further analyze any of the generated keywords. With this analysis, you then will be able to see a list of websites and see what keywords they too are targeting. With this information at hand, you can then choose the keywords that are really hot in the market.Tools like this allow you to literally see into your competition, and identify what is working and what doesn’t work for specific campaigns and niches. This can save you thousands of dollars on unnecessary ad spend and allow you to earn money in an easier fashion.

Another one is the Campaign Kidnap Tool which lets you use Google Adwords for your campaign. With Day Job Killer Assassin, you too can spy on current Adwords campaign, get data on what keywords are hot in the market, and see statistics about the competition for these keywords on the market. Again, you can create profitable Adwords campaigns against your competition. In another aspect, the Adwords Micro Nicher Tool is also for Adwords campaigns. This works by letting you see relevant websites in which you can use for your own profit. You can then use these websites and export them as csv files for you to use and tag as content in your own website.

In addition, the Article Sniper Tool is for the marketer of articles. If you do article marketing, you can use this tool to spot less utilized keywords so that you can create campaigns that sell. How does it work? You type in a keyword and the tool presents you a list of data which will let you see if working on the keyword will be lucrative or not. This will help in decreasing the effort spent in creating campaigns for items or keywords that will not sell. These are the tools you can get from Day Job Killer Assassin, among many others, at a monthly price of $77.

Day Job Killer Assassin comes with an industry standard of a 60-day money back guarantee. If for some reason you aren’t fully satisfied with your results simply request your money back and your account will be credited within 24-48 business hours.