CPA Arbitrage is a training course by Chris Cobb that show the best and the easiest ways to make money online. It is an eBook about making money from the Cost Per Action marketing strategy. CPA works out in such a way that you will get paid each time a prospect or a visitor accomplishes a task such as signing up for a subscription or registering for a website. Length of the action may range from just a single email opt-in or a 3 to 4 page survey. This system is simply affiliate marketing made easy and can be extremely profitable.

In this course you won’t have to build a website, build a list, write a sales email, and not even one person has to buy from you to make profit with this system. In this course, you will learn how to make profits as an affiliate markete. The course will walk you through the different CPA networks and how you can get affiliated with them. With these networks, you will be able to get paid by bringing in prospects to sign up their email address a little here and there without actually completing a whole transaction. Just that and you get paid.

These CPA networks can list all the companies involved in a CPA network so you know where to find these companies and what you can market through them. It can also show you how much each company will pay you for being an affiliate marketer. Their account managers may even locate the best offers for you and tip you off for increased payouts. They will set you up with your own affiliate link so you can get paid with every visitor who completes an action. These networks will be able to handle everything for you; all you have to do is get in touch with them and wait for your payment.

The CPA Arbitrage PDF guide contains topics on why CPA is much more profitable when compared to the traditional affiliate marketing strategies. You will learn how to get accepted into any CPA network and which top affiliate networks you’ll want to join. Chris Cobb will also share his 5 CPA promotional methods that are sure to drive tons of traffic into your offers. The accompanying videos with the pdf module include topics on the Cost Per Lead model, how to make the most out of every lead, why it pays to lose money to gain a customer, how you can control the number of customers and even turn them away at times. Topics on the importance of the upsell process and tracking leads who actually give profit are also included in the video series.

The whole training module with the video series can be purchased at the CPA Arbitrage website for a solid price of $77. The site does not offer any price reductions, bonuses or exit live chat to convince you to purchase the product. It claims to be as effective and as powerful as the developer wrote in the whole website. It has an eight week money back guarantee that makes your first 60 days with the product rick free.