Confidential Conversions, a pay per click instruction course, was created by Philip Mansour. Confidential Conversions shows you how to utilize Pay-Per-Click platforms, like Adwords, to target low cost per click advertising campaigns to drive high-volume and high-quality traffic to your sites. You will learn how to utilize this cheap, yet high quality traffic, on your highly optimized landing pages. Confidential Conversions shows you how the tricks of how to get high conversion rates without dealing with the hassle of landing pages, high quality scores, or even a big advertising budget.

Confidential Conversions was designed for advertisers of any level to get started and become successful with Pay Per Click. You will learn how to find hot keywords in extremely competitive markets without paying the astronomical cost per click typically associated with them.

Confidential Conversions provides ten step-by-step videos which teach you everything described above and more. You’ll learn how to setup direct linking campaigns, and how to not have to worry about pre-selling or creating your own landing pages. You’ll be taught how to find high-quality traffic that is looking for your product or service. These ten videos are setup in easy step by step instructions so that you can get your first campaign up and running while making it a successful one. You’ll be taught how to easily manage your campaigns and view their results in an easy to read, on stop fashion.

Confidential Conversions takes it even one step further by reducing any potential blind bidding. Confidential Conversions gives you unprecedented access to a source that lets you view exactly what your competition is paying for per click. You will also be given access to a PPC platform that exceeds the traffic of the major search engines, yet is completely untouched by advertisers. Finally you can enter highly lucrative niches and industries without having to pay the extreme high cost typically associated with them.

Finally Confidential Conversions will show you how to find new and upcoming traffic sources that are unsaturated, yet highly profitable. Do you have trouble with writing great text ads that convert well? Confidential Conversions will show you how to write killer ads that will increase your conversions after the click.

Confidential Conversions comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. You can get started today, and if you aren’t pleased within the first sixty days request your money back and you’ll be refunded, no questions asked.