Commission Formula is a training course by Alan Sultanic made to teach a step-by step process of researching, creating, and marketing affiliate websites. The whole course is covered in 51 modules of almost 15 hours of intense and meaty training. The course is made for beginners and not for advance internet marketers. It is very informative and newbie-friendly.

No matter how much products you market or how many websites you’ve put up if you don’t have the traffic to go along with these then you will never get a single cent of profit. This training will walk you through 3 stages in making internet profit. The first stage tells you about the tools and the resources that you will be needing in order to implement the learning that you are about to absorb during the course. All will be laid out even before you start so you won’t have to worry about lacking a tool in the middle of the training process. Affiliate marketing, conversion models, getting traffic and commission traps are all explained to you so you don’t get lost in the internet jargon. Stage one covers how to get your own domain name, find free or affordable hosting and the actual commission generating. Getting traffic and tips on internet marketing is generally the theme for this stage.

The second stage goes over how to implement CPA offers, how to find profitable ads and how to optimize your traffic conversions. This stage will teach you how you can get paid for simply promoting offers. Stage three walks you through the different CPA networks and teaches you how to use them to make profit. In this part, you will also gain access to various tools that you will be able to use in your campaigns to make them more effective.

This product shows such in-depth discussions and offers valuable tips and techniques that will make you an instant guru after the whole training course. It does not promise automatic income in just a few clicks and it does not work on its own. What it does is that it gives you more than enough knowledge to make your way to climbing the success ladder of internet marketing. Everybody who has spent some time on the web knows that you cannot generate profit without lifting a finger and spending a few hours in the internet. This training course is the traditional hard works equals good pay. But in this case, hard work is actually equal to awesome pay with obscene amounts of profit.

The training course may be purchased at the website for $497 – not a small amount but definitely not a small-time profit return after the training. The walk-through about the ins and outs of profiting from affiliate websites, the money is simply worth it. This amount of money gives you instant access to the member’s area and does not require other recurring payments afterwards. Besides, the purchase comes with a 60-day money back guarantee so trying it out is actually not a risk. Once you decide you are not for this training course, you can get your $497 back anytime.