Chris Farrell Membership was created and is being maintained by Chris Farrell himself. This internet marketing training program has been voted as the top internet marketing service online in years 2009 and 2010.

What are the things you would get by being part of the Chris Farrell Membership? There are a lot of things that members only get access to. Since it is a subscription, you would get to listen and watch the trainings of Chris Farrell himself. Unlike other training programs where you are bombarded with theories in making money online, you actually get to create a website that would earn money. The instructions are detailed and step-by-step.

Aside from the training, upon subscription, you would have unlimited web hosting and domain names. This actually costs $9.95, but it comes with the subscription already. If you are into learning how to earn quickly, you would have access to a module that would show you how to earn $250 every single day. To make sure you earn this much, you have to copy exactly what is being shown and taught you. Videos and manuals are included so you won’t lose your way.

They also have a walkthrough called 21 Days to Success, which shows you how to succeed in internet marketing in a whole 21 days. Each day, you will be provided with a training module. This would be done everyday until the end of the 21st day. This is very useful for people who are just starting in this industry and have no background in marketing or in website creation. Each day is a new learning in putting up your internet business.

You would also have access to the emails and content that Chris Farrell himself created and used. This you can use to build your mailing list and improve your email marketing. They also offer exclusive rights to utilize the exact website that Chris himself built.

If you need help, you need not look elsewhere as they have their own private forum where you can seek help from Chris and other members as well. If your need is on the technical side, they have a dedicated technical assistance that is valued for $50 per hour. If you have any other concerns regarding WordPress, using keywords, driving in traffic, getting auto-responders and internet marketing traffic, you can simply ask ad Chris himself can help you out as he personally helps members. He is the moderator of the forum as well.

Other tools included are the Instant Website Creation Software, Web Templates, Link Cloaking Service and more. If you are interested, you can get a 7-day trial for just $4.95. If you don’t cancel, you would be up for $37 per month subscription.

Chris Farrell’s membership comes with a sixty day money back guarantee. If for whatever reason you aren’t fully satisfied with your results, simply request your money back and your account will be credited.