Cash Making Affiliate Sites is a comprehensive training course with the bonus Affiliate Multiplier push button profit system added into the training modules. Here you will learn how to make the big money by utilizing multiple sites. Developed and marketed by a small town ‘mom and pop’ couple, Melford & Concetta Bibens, who went from losing their gym business to making millions with this system and never having to work again.

This system is explained in detail with video and written tutorials to cater for the different learning preferences, from those who want to learn the Affiliate business from start to loads of money in the bank. No computer knowledge is required, if you can switch on the computer and click a mouse then you can learn the system.

The comprehensive training course for Cash Making Affiliate Sites is made up of 12 seperate modules, each one packed with the information that every affiliate and internet marketer needs to know.

Module 1- Niche Seeker – teaches you the secrets of how to find the most powerful niches, and products to concentrate on, which statistics matter, and how to use Clickbank and Google tools. Module 2 –Affiliate Foundation – Learn step by step how to set up systems for use with your affiliate business, There are video and written tutorials on domain selection, purchase, hosting and list building tools. WordPress is also explained for use. Module 3 – Keyword Research- You will learn how to use Google’s advanced best working Keyword External Tool, Wordtracker, WonderWheel and a guide to Adwords tools. Module 4 – WordPress Mastery – Use to make your Affiliate business ‘take off’ fast, adding the right plug-ins that send conversions through the roof, Affiliate Profit Multiplier Software, allows you to multiply professional Affiliate sites to infinity for free, hidden strategies for placing your new sites way up front, Lessons in building of free sites, that pay and pay for years to come. Module 5- Content Crusher – Fill your sites for free with exactly what the buyer wants to see.

Module 6 – SEO- On-Page SEO- All about Traffic, targeted additions for your sites that keep search engines happy, behind the scenes of the website. Module 7 –Off-Page SEO – The Rush of Traffic, top page ranking strategies, master every covert and secret legal technique available, advanced backlinking tactics, backlink tracking, article content tricks, using Forums, Social Bookmarking tricks, RSS feeds, Press Releases, Off-Page SEO secret weapon which is too secret to talk about here. Module 8 – On-Page SEO- Specific additions made for the search engine ‘spiders’ to rank your site no 1, keywords density,Title Tags,MtaTags, H1Tags, Alt Tags, and Duplicate Content, Time on Page, Both types of Site Maps, Secret tricks to suck in ‘spiders’ and attach your reader to free w/site. Module 9 – Pay Per Click – PPC drives traffic, How to start and maintain a successful PPC campaign with step by step instructions, Nothing held back here. Module 10 – Web 2.0 Social Media Marketing – Traffic, endless communication globally, Twitter, F/Book,YouTube,LinkedIn, they are all here, SMO’s Blogging, Videos, RSS feeds, Images. Module 11 – List Building –Build Huge Lists of fans wanting what you selling, Step by Step ‘mom and pop’ will take you through this process, this is what makes up a huge amount of their income, How to build a 7 figure list. Module 12 –Affiliate Profit Multiplier Software – Members only software, How to use, Turnkey software system, So Empowering, and Money Generating that a completely in-inexperienced newbie to computers can produce their own website within an hour.

The price for all 12 Modules is a mere $4.95 with a further once-off payment of $72.05 payable 7 days later. This is backed up with a No Questions Asked Guarantee of 100% of your money refunded after 60 days, if you are not completely satisfied with what the course can do for you.