Blogging Underground is a private network of blogs and websites created to help obtain targeted backlinks to your own websites. Like a variety of different private blog networks out there, like Linx Boss, SEOLinkvine, and others.

Blogging Underground works like many of the other blog networks by offering a unique and easy to use backoffice to help you post on their private network of blogs. At the time of this posting, there are over 390 blogs in the private network and they are adding more each and every day. Currently a majority of Blogging Undergrounds network is based on sites owned and operated by Blogging Underground, but members do have the ability to add there own sites which will keep the number of sites growing naturally over time.

Blogging Underground limits its capacity to the public which helps ensure limits on the number of posts within their network. This helps assure that there aren’t too many posts on each blog each day, thus increasing the effectiveness of your links. Users are also assured that there posts will never be deleted from their blogs once they stop being a paid member. That’s important since some private blog networks will automatically remove your posts the instant you stop paying. Thus reducing the benefit of ever even being a member and losing all of your hard earned rankings.

Blogging Underground has some general ground rules like many of the other blog networks, such as:

no adult, hateful or illegal content allowed.
All of the content distributed needs to be family friendly. Dead links that are going to 404 or dead domains will be removed automatically so be sure that your links are pointed to actual live websites before posting.
Two links max per blog post and each unique URL may be linked one time on each blog. That means don’t keep linking to your domain from that blog over and over again or they could end up removing your account. While there are many other rules the two other major rules are
Five posts per day per domain per blog
No exact duplicate content on different posts.

Overall Blogging Underground is a great source to get backlinks for your websites. While there are other networks that have been around for a longer period of time it seems that Blogging Underground has been growing well and is serious about keeping there networks clean.