Blog Hatter Pro is a unique blogging software created by Donato Spagnolo. Blog Hatter Pro automated software allows users to set-up fully customizable blogs in a matter of minutes. The best part about this software is that the blogs are nearly fully automated, and do not rely on black hat or illegal means for content generation.

With the Blog Hatter Pro you can setup highly profitable, custom tailored blogs in a matter of minutes. The main emphasis of the software is to help automate blog creation, reducing the need to setup, install, and customize a blog. Blog Hatter Pro is designed to be high quality as well, by allowing for custom videos, images in the automated posting schedule.

Blog Hatter Pro’s software was designed for easy usability. With a few clicks you can create high quality blogs on the Blogger or WordPress platform. What sets Blog Hatter Pro apart from the rest is the customizable features in which you can implement with only a few clicks. Some of the features include:

Import Private Label Rights articles
Automated retrieval of images from Google Images, Flickr, and Tinypic
Search and importation of videos from Youtube
Auto-translate blogs from other languages
Auto rewrite capabilities

Blog Hatter Pro boasts of a plug and play system designed for internet marketers of any caliber. It doesn’t require any previous internet experience, any business experience, web design experience or even copywriting experience. The system was designed, and tested, using complete internet marketing newbies.

Setting up blogs, automating content generation, and building backlinks can take weeks and if not months. Blog Hatter will help you get a blog fully automated, with customizable and unique content in a matter of minutes. You can designate the posting schedule of the content as well as the retrieval of images for each post using popular image sources like Google and Flickr. This eliminates the hard work that any other blogger will have to go through. Blog Hatter can even automate the retrieval of content and translation of that content. This helps distribute original and unique articles and opens you to endless niche possibilities.

Each purchase of Blog Hatter Pro includes bonus tools and eBooks to help get you up and running with your new blogging empire. These tools include;

Website Traffic Explosion
Blogging For Cash
Building a Blog Empire for Profit
Blog Link Generator
Blog Tracker
Blogging Your Way to Health
Instant Product and Fast Traffic
and much more

Blog Hatter Pro is compatible with Windows 2K, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. It comes with a standards 8-week money back guarantee. If for some reason you aren’t totally satisfied with your purchase simply request your money back.