Blast4Traffic is a service that allows you to send emails to targeted prospects for marketing purposes. This website can let you send emails over 2.3 million recipients with just a single click. Email marketing has been one of the most effective ways to increase profit by bringing in targeted traffic into profitable websites.

The program is easy to use with its one-click mailing that’s sends emails through different servers. The emails sent will not be flagged as spam since these emails are for opt-in prospects only. You won’t be tagged as spam therefore you won’t have any problem with your ISP blocking you or shutting you down. The system may be used once a day to reach millions of people through emails and promote your business offers. Once you register to be a member, you will be provided with detailed instructions on how to send out your ads in the most effective way without worry with an easy to follow video tutorial. With this system, you can send full color ads plus you won’t be hassled by removal requests since that is automatically taken care of by the system. You can also store up to 10 email messages in your account. For additional advertising, you can even place banners and ads in the Blast4Traffic site for free. You will also be given a tracking tool wherein you can monitor the number of clicks and impressions.

Aside from these, you will also get tons of bonuses that are useful in making your life easier by bringing in more traffic. You will get free mailer software and free eBook publisher software. As a member you are given free access to the sites eBook library with titles that you can personally download and resell. You will also get four top selling eBooks from a top internet marketers. As part of the package, you’ll receive an html editor/creator program, a 3D header creator program, Anti-spyware software program and a source/link encryption program will be available to you for free.

With this service, you get to send all your ads about whatever product and whatever promotion that you have. It saves you time, money and effort. Compared to others who will charge you big money just to get the list of 10,000 people, in this site, for less than $50, you get to target 2.3 million people across the planet. All that you need will be provided by the site. All the trainings, tools and even resources will be available to you once you become a member. You will get the fastest emails server, the up to date visual tools and the massive email database.

You will only pay a fee of $34.50 once with no recurring fees and with full access to the member’s area. Get all upgrades and updates from the site without extra cost by being a lifetime member. The membership fee is paid through ClickBank. If you have the time, resources and the need to try out email marketing then this site may just be the solution to your problems.