Automated Traffic is a software system that can change the way traffic flows into your link or website. Created by Jeff Dedrick, Automated Traffic offers a method to drive traffic towards anywhere you like but without much of the hardwork and effort. It is said to work as simple as an act of pushing a button.

Traffic is very important to any online business, primarily because it is what drives customers into seeing your site, watching your videos, buying your products or whatever your website’s purpose may be. Traffic is, in short, what makes you earn money. Automated Traffic’s system allows you to forget about SEO and PPC or other advertising techniques to get more traffic.

Automated Traffic allows you to earn money at any market you wish without even making a website, a mailing list or even prior experience. The following are the automated systems included in Automated Traffic:

Automated Blogger. This is a program that allows you to create blogs without so much as creating any article. The program itself will create the blog and write the articles for you. Furthermore, you can be sure that this blog is SEO friendly.
Automated Keywords. This tool allows you to get the best keywords for your business. This way, you can select keywords that are ideal for your business as they are not being used by others, so there is minimal competition.
Automated Survey. Like any other business, market study is essential. It also gives your customers the idea that the product or service you are providing them is specifically made for their needs. Instead of creating the questions on your own, this program would do it for you. With just a few clicks, you can make a survey with multiple choice and even true or false questions.
Automated Lead Gen. This is a tool for contact forms. This way, your visitors would immediately get signed up to auto-responders. This would also stock your cookies to benefit your affiliate links.
Automated Ads. Instead of manually looking for the top products in ClickBank, this tool would find the prime products for you so that you can immediately post on your sites. The list of top products is automatically updated as well so you can just input the code necessary and you will have updated ads and banners that would earn you more money.
Automated Classified Traffic Generator. This is the traffic generator that would drive more leads into your site. You only have to set it up once and you can reap the rewards.
Automated Leads on Autopilot. Get more leads everyday to almost any niche market. With this, you can get the prime spot in rankings of search engines.

Bonuses for this package include lectures on Social Bookmarking Backlinks, Cost per Action for Newbies, 10 Traffic SEO and Videos and Blog Traffic Secrets. The package is worth $67 cash-out payment and $37 per month for eleven months. If for any reason you aren’t completely satisfied with the product, simply request your money back in the first sixty days.