Automated Cash Formula is a simple and easy to understand step-by-step online program created by Dave Gale. The course was designed for anyone who does not have any technical knowledge on internet marketing even if one can barely click a mouse.

Upon downloading the software program, one can have full access to Dave Gale’s secret to increasing profit over the internet. Money is readily available by using one magic sentence from the mind blowing software to supercharge its subscribers’ efforts doing only 2 hours’ of work in only 10 minutes. The program provides an autopilot income strategy that does not involve any marketing or promoting because there are no products to sell nor customers to deal with. You learn strategies to make a tremendous amount of money as described in the advanced viral cash avalanche technique shown on page 78 on the eBook. Using this secret search engine technqiue, it will help you in making money without the involvement of search engine optimization, pay-per-click (PPC) or any types of advertising schemes. The very simple “plug-and-play” system will help in churning in cash through an autopilot program available 24/7 with endless income opportunities to make money anywhere in the world. All these are shown on an easy-to-follow step-by-step plan right at your very own fingertips, including a very understandable language that one can use the system and start earning in just about 90 seconds.

The very essence of the program is finding a product that has a two-tier affiliate program. This is done by having to look for people who could be your joint venture partners that are found through a very large responsive list. These partners are prospective buyers, but since there is nothing to sell all that is to be done is just partnering with these JV partners and having them sign up under you. This is done by the Automated Cash Formula program which will be responsible for finding the products and how to locate the two-tiered programs as well as finding JV partners.

Part of the Automated Cash Formula program are the three bonuses which one can get at no extra cost but valued much more than the program’s price. Bonus #1 is Dave Gale’s Personal ‘Swipe File’ valued at $100. These are his proven templates that he uses with Automated Cash Formula. This bonus is only guaranteed for the next 300 people who order the package. Bonus #2 is an eBook called “The Secret To Earning $150 A Day with Bum Marketing In Less Than a Month” which was guaranteed only for the next 200 people who will be ordering. Bonus #3 is also a top selling eBook entitled “Develop Your Financial IQ” valued at $67.

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