Auto Tweet Empire is a money-making system developed by Anthony Joshua using the social portal Twitter. Since Twitter is free and does not need lengthy posts unlike blogs, it is a revolutionary way of generating instant free traffic to increase income. It is a simple software that you only need to install and immediately see results. No copying or mastering of strategies from marketing gurus, web design experts and computer geniuses. Being a newbie would even have more benefits. The old use of Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per View, blogging tricks and money making strategies in Google are no longer up-to-date with this Twitter application software.

You don’t need special skills and web knowledge to begin using the software. All it takes to bring in profit is a computer or laptop, a stable internet connection and the Auto Tweet Empire. It gives you the freedom to work when you want to work from where you want to work. Plus you don’t have a boss and the only discipline that you need is the discipline to follow what the software is telling you. For those who do not have time, capital and intensive internet know-how, the application claims to bring in $100 dollars after the next 24 hours of using it. You could bum all day and still be able to pay the bills and live comfortably.

The developer, being a computer techie, came up with the idea of creating software that does all the work and the clicks that you need to do. This cuts down the hours of work and toil that you could be spending on the computer and internet. The software runs by itself and all you have to do is watch from the background as it brings cash into your pockets. It is a two-step process that consists of (1) automatically building a list of followers and (2) automatically reeling in free traffic. Both steps, if you’ve noticed, are done “automatically.” The whole process is actually just sending out tweets to a target of 17,000 people and expect a click on your tweet from 3,000 of the target. What Auto Tweet Empire claims to be is not the normal tweeter marketing but up-to-date techniques that give you an edge in marketing from your competitors.
At the beginning of the website, the developer wrote that there are only 400 copies of the system to be released. The website claims that the getting the product is 100% risk-free. Price for the software was slashed from $285 to $197 down to a mere $67 that you can pay for online. The purchase comes with a no-questions-asked 60-day money back guarantee. If you have the time and money to try out the Auto Tweeter Empire, then there is not much to lose. If you’ll get $100 in the next 27 hours after using it, then it truly is a good bargain for $67.