The Auto Blog System X is a new product created and marketed by Rob Benwell. This is his second launch from a previous bestseller, the Blogging to the Bank (an eBook that discusses how to earn online by doing auto blogging on various niches). The Auto Blog System X is a 60 page eBook that shows the formula on how build a blog and make money online without continually monitoring or updating it as the entire process is now managed automatically thus term automated blogging.

Why is there a craze over auto blogging? Content for blog sites are automatically taken from RSS feeds so that it doesn’t need to be monitored, thus the term, making money even when you are sleeping. It does not require you to have a website, experience, knowledge about online marketing or technical stuff, long hours, and even your own product. Results are seen right after 24 to 48 hours over a short amount of capital, that is in this case $37, and thousands of dollars are earned in exchange.

What is in the eBook? And what is it all about? There are eight chapters to go through to ensure online success. The first is an introduction on how to distinguish the difference between a true auto blog from a spam blog or splog. The second chapter discusses the rules on automated blog keeping, which is what you have to do to make a successful blog such as steps on how to pick a proper niche and keywords, the right hosting, and the right domain name. By practicing these steps, you can get a high chance of ranking in the top SERPS. After this, chapter three discusses the ways to build the auto blog. This includes the platform that is desirable to build your sites and sites where great themes can be taken from. In addition, you will learn how to manage your fully automated blogs from a single location as well as how to overcharge your blogs with the best plug ins available in the market today.

The next chapters will discuss how to feed a blog, which is putting great content taken from other articles, news, or feeds; how to monetize your blogs based on the niches you pick whether its Adsense, CPA, Amazon, or eBay; how to promote your blog using free plug ins that generate great traffic in autopilot mode; how to sell or auction blogs that perform poorly and still get some good cash; and some final thoughts and recommendations that the author freely gives in order for the reader to succeed in the online world. This entire package is under a 60 days money back guarantee.