Atomic Blogging Theme, dubbed as the “Most Advanced WordPress Theme for Marketers”, was created by Alvin Phangs with the promise to allow customers to create SEO blogs that are competitive and are earning in the online market in just minutes without needing any background on programming or coding.

The idea of the product is to “create what you need” emphasizing the freedom of customers to create, customize, mix and match colors, arrangement, and add and display widgets or interesting niches. With this idea comes success which landed it fame as the Top 3 Best Selling Blog Theme on Clickbank. So what are the features of Atomic Blogging Theme? The myriad of features it offers are quite interesting and useful for the enthusiastic blogger.

First, it has a layout manager which has 22 combinations to choose from. With this, you can manipulate headers, content, and footers as you desire. Second, it has blog themes such as Salescopy, Joint Venture, Squeeze, Video, and Niche. One interesting point to note is the 1,097 niches available on the program for you to use on your blog to make it more interesting and colorful. Another interesting feature is that it allows users to upload their very own personal header with just a few clicks of a mouse button. Third, the Adsense and Clickback application are already built in and an additional management tool for affiliate banners are also included so that you can further manipulate your banners as you see fit. Fourth, social media tools (12 of them) such as Facebook and Twitter are available to be attached. Fifth, colors can be manipulated according to your desired gradient as well as have the freedom to manipulate colors of individual components or boxes of the blog display. Sixth, Google analytics is also built in to track the number or visitors or “internet traffic” in your website. Not only that, but widgets can easily be dragged and dropped, Aweber, Getresponse, and Joint Venture Squeeze are also built it alongside autoresponders for widgets.

Atomic Blogging Theme offers two choices for the ultimate blogger to choose from. The first one is the Single Domain License which allows you to manipulate one single blog you own, gives access to member area for forum discussion, and has a 60 day money back guarantee. The second one is the Unlimited Domain License (available for the first 500 customers only), which allows you to install the Atomic Blogging Theme in all your websites, access to members area, use its manager for blog layout, remove footer links on websites, a management tool to choose detailed colors, as well as a 60 days money back guarantee. These choices are sold for $37 and $47 respectively and both require domain hosting application and WordPress 2.6+ (these are available for download at their website once purchase is done). Another plus that they offer are installation videos on wordpress, setup for the Atomic Blogging Theme application, $500,000 blueprint for traffic secrets in blogging, tips on how profitable niches are used, and a guide on how to hit the gold mine in the internet market.