The Affiliate Prophet is an online-based software that helps you in tracking important information related to your affiliate marketing campaigns. This software was created by Peter Yoon, who is also the creator of Conversion Prophet. The Affiliate Prophet is a program that requires little money, little time and minimal technical knowhow. Unlike other programs, Affiliate Prophet is not advisable to total newbies. The Affiliate Prophet software requires some knowledge about File Transfer Protocol (FTP), basic html coding and a domain name and hosting where you can upload your website.

The heart of the Affiliate Prophet is its capability to pre-track all the necessary details you need to boost your affiliate marketing campaign. It boasts the AIDA system to help you determine what keywords to focus on, and what items to remove and add to your website to boost your sales. AIDA stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. Through these four vital details you will be able to determine the probability of your website in making a sale.

One of the neat features of the system is its ability to predict keywords that will get you a sale even before you launch your website. It tracks what keywords made some sale so you can focus on these keywords in order to streamline your website for maximum earnings. The software also comes with a tracker that tests your website headlines for profitability.

Another exclusive tool of this software is the ‘Affiliate Spy’. This will give you access to information about the profitability of a certain affiliate program even before it makes a sale. The gist of this tool is that you can see the probability of an affiliate marketing program’s sales through the AIDA system. You can also use this tool to bypass affiliate pages and go directly to their sales page without losing your commission.

The Dynamic Landing Page Creator is another great tool bundled with the Affiliate Prophet. What it basically does is it tailor-fits your landing page depending on what keywords your visitors are searching. This means that your website continually adapts to the keywords that your visitors are using by automatically changing a set of words on your landing page.

The Affiliate Prophet also caters the more detail oriented online marketer. The keyword tracking system does not only give you what keywords to use but it also gives you which country your sales originated from, what time you made your sales and what set of keywords made your sales.

The Affiliate Prophet costs $97.00 with a 60 days trial period. If for any reason you do not find the performance of this software satisfactory, you can contact the Affiliate Prophet Customer support and get a refund with no questions asked.