Affiliate Annihilation was created by Anthony Jones to help new to medium internet marketers learn a productive three-step process to making money online. The system was established to help introduce marketers to affiliate marketing, and get them on the steps necessary to begin making money.

Anthony Jones provides in-depth, step by step strategies on how to dominate Google within 24 hours. In essence reducing any current advertising costs you may be incurring while dominating Google and other search engine results. Affiliate Annihilation provides tools that allows you to automate the SEO process. The tools have been tweaked and fine tuned until perfected, at which point they simplified the process even further so that anyone could begin using their software.

Affiliate Annihilation provides step-by-step video instructions that outline and detail exactly how you will create your first website, and then utilize their software to begin Google domination.

Affiliate Annihilation doesn’t require any previous internet marketing experience. In fact it is setup in an easy three step process to eliminate any confusion or frustration.

1. Step One – Start the software and watch it begin to build you your first website.

2. Step Two – Initiate the Google back doors and loop holes and watch your website begin receiving free and targeted traffic.

3. Step Three – Insert Affiliate Links (which Affiliate Annihilation shows you how to get)

That’s literally all you have to do with Affiliate Annihilation. Follow this exact blueprint and you will begin to notice a tremendous amount of free traffic pouring in to your website. You’ll learn how to properly setup websites, and create different nets around the internet to begin making money. Affiliate Annihilation’s software provides pre-made website templates that are 100% search engine friendly. You also have direct access to Formula X, provided with the software. This is a keyword analysis tool that helps you establish the most profitable keywords to use on your website. Finally, you’ll be able to utilize their social media tools as well. These tools help you setup, and fully automate, Twitter.

There are many other tools and instruction provided in Affiliate Annihilation. Affiliate Annihilation is risk-free with a 60-day money back guarantee.