SubmitYourArticle was created by Steve Shaw in order to greatly reduce the time and effort spent with article submission. Article marketing can be a very expensive, while requiring a ton of time. SubmitYourArticle was created in order to help you submit high quality articles to high quality directories.

With your SubmitYourArticle membership you are given direct access to tools to produce and effectively distribute your articles. Manual article submission is simply a thing of the past, it requires a lengthy amount of time for minimal results. After you sign up with SubmitYourArticle you will be directed to a article entry page. This is where you’ll enter all of your articles information. This covers most of the standards, such as your title, article, keywords, target URLs and any other relevant content. At this point you have one of two options, blast your article out to the directories, or use Article Leverage. Article Leverage is SubmitYourArticles equivelant of spinning articles. Google wants to see original content, especially if you are looking for backlinks. Article Leverage allows you to put in spun variations so that the distribution is completely unique.

Most users will be ready to submit their articles after that. If for one reason you aren’t completely sure if you did it right, or if your blast will be effective be sure to use the Article Boost feature. Article Boost submits your article for review by a member of They will review your article and provide exact instructions and suggestions on how you can make this article better, as well as articles in the future.

SubmitYourArticle also provides a unique Article Trickle feature. This allows you to submit your article at a drip fed rate. Overall drip feeding articles is a great solution when backlink building. It helps things appear natural and keeps the bots hitting your site throughout the month. With Article Trickle your article will be distributed over a period of several weeks.

If you aren’t completely satisfied with your results simply request your money back within the first sixty days. Anytime within the first sixty days, you’ll be able to receive your money back, no questions asked.