Brad Callen’s SEOLinkvine was created to help internet marketers obtain backlinks from a large network of blogs on the internet. Brad Callen’s been creating search engine optimization software for quite some time. Most internet marketers have problems obtaining backlinks to their websites and pages. SEOLinkvine was created to help you establish credible, one-way backlinks, from a large network of blogs.

Once you have signed up for SEOLinkvine, you are able to login and begin creating posts to have posted throughout their network of thousands of blogs. SEOLinkvine was created with advanced SEO in mind. Therefore blogs are not owned by Brad Callen or SEOLinkvine in general. The blogs are by users that need content to keep their blogs fresh and regularly indexed by the search engines. Other blog networks are privately owned, which thus creates rather large “footprints” that the search engines can pick up on.

Users are able to use spin syntax, which allows you to have original content syndicated throughout the SEOLinkvine network. Supported syntaxes include:

{word 1|word2}

After submitting your spun, or non-spun article, it will then be distributed to blog owners. This is *not* an automated feature and blog owners must log in to find content for their blogs. Blogs are categorized when signing up for SEOLinkvines distribution which means that your content is only distributed to relevant blogs. Blog owners are contacted about new content and can log in to determine whether or not they want your content.

Overall SEOLinkvine is a fantastic linkbuilding service. It provides the types of links that Google absolutely loves, quality in-content backlinks from a wide range of domains. Most blog networks are comprised of low-quality, and lower quality networks. SEOLinkvine is comprised of a wide range of domains, significant variety of IP addresses, wide range of TLDs, diversity in backlink counts of the blogs that are linking to you. Those are key variables to look for when signing up for a blog syndication network like SEOLinkvine.

In order to truly utilize SEOLinkvines service be sure that you spin your articles. When the blog owners are contacted about content that to be distributed to their blogs, they are able to see the exact uniqueness of the content. If your content is not unique, chances are your content won’t be picked up by quality blogs.

Overall we highly recommend Brad Callen’s SEOLinkvine! It provides instant access to an extremely large network of domains and blogs that are dying for your content. Backlinks achieved via SEOLinkvine appear natural as there is just about no footprint. Blog owners pick up and syndicate content at their own rates, which means so does the search engines.