RankPay is a performance based search engine optimization company based out of San Diego, California. They offer a very unique SEO service unlike any other we’ve come across on the internet. Their motto says it all, If you don’t rank, you don’t pay. With RankPay there are literally no startup costs or set up fees. They will get your website SEO campaign underway for free. RankPay only charges your after you have achieved rankings for desired keywords as well.

When visiting RankPay.com, you are asked to enter your domain name followed by the keyword that you’d like to optimize for. You are then presented with upfront pricing for that specific keyword. RankPay charges for rankings from positions #30 – #1 in Google, Yahoo and Bing.

RankPay focuses primarily on off-site optimization, or better known as link building. They do make sure that your on-site optimization is up to standard and will even help you make the desired changes to your website. After verifying the on-site optimization, they will begin building backlinks to your website.

RankPay has a userzone that provides up to date information about rankings, links to your site, and other valuable information about the health of your SEO campaign. You also receive ranking notifications via email on the 1st and 15th of the month as well.


RankPay is a fantastic business model, and a great solution for those individuals that simply cannot manage their own SEO campaign or that would like to have it outsourced. They offer a risk-free proposal, if you don’t rank then you don’t pay. That’s something revolutionary itself, I’ve yet to come across a legitimate SEO company that offers such claims.

I’ve worked with RankPay on several domains, one for myself and a few for some of my clients. Each time I’ve been more than pleased with the rankings that they achieved, and the time frame in which they were completed in. I’ve done some reverse engineering of their backlinks and they provide some extremely valuable, and permanent one way backlinks.

RankPay is a great way to get top rankings, without having to worry about the daily inconveniences of rankings and linkbuilding. If you don’t seriously know what you are doing, leave it to an SEO service to manage your SEO campaign.