The PPC Web Spy is a free keyword tool developed by internet marketing legend Brad Callen. It is a Mozilla Firefox add-on that allows you to see the list of keywords that different affiliate marketers are bidding on. This piece of plug-in will help you spy on how your competition is getting ahead on the market. It can be simply run on the Mozilla Firefox window while browsing the internet.

This free plug-in allows you to quickly and instantly uncover keywords of Google Adwords advertisers. Aside from that, the details about each actual keyword such as the cost per click, the Adwords rank, and the total daily amount other advertisers are paying to Google Adwords. The PPC Web Spy may also be used to generate your own keywords by copying lists from your competition. By placing your competition’s domain name, you will be able to make a more targeted set of keywords and build it into your own giant list. Affiliates of, and who promote using Adwords will also be displayed when you run the plug-in. The exact landing pages of each affiliate will be open for your viewing without charging them a fee. You will be able to spy on their stats as well the internet prefaces they use to attract their buyers. All these are critical information in getting ahead in the internet marketing business.

To give you an example, if you are interested in getting the hot keywords on “iPhone” then simply run the Google search and click on the icon for PPC Web Spy that will appear on the bottom right of the browser window once installed. After clicking this, each Adword entry will have buttons on them that will take you to the list of keywords that each marketer bids on and pays for using Adwords. Each keyword’s rank and the cost will automatically appear. Affiliate marketers who advertise for Amazon, ClickBank or Paydotcom will appear with characteristic icons beside them so you could easily identify their gameplan.

This is all real time information and data that you will gain access to will cut down the time you need in researching powerful keywords that will convert visitors to buyers. Not only will you be able to save time, you will also save money from researching the market’s “best” keywords because everything will be laid out in front of you for every niche you desire to penetrate.

By downloading this free and powerful plug-in, you will get a chance to upgrade to PPC Web Spy Platinum that costs $97. This is a feature that has more advanced features such as 100 keyword returns and it also allows you to have affiliate links to any of the top 1 and 2 products on Google. This free tool can be downloaded after signing in your name, email address and account password into the PPC Web Spy website. Just a heads-up, this plug-in is compatible with Windows and Macintosh. It is not very friendly with Internet Explorer either.