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The Paid Surveys and More is an exclusive online community website created by Kimberly Robbins. The basic idea is to earn up to $5000 a month by doing online surveys. The website or membership area serves as a leverage to get access to available paid surveys posted by large companies over the internet.

How does this entire thing work? The idea is that companies need valuable customer feedback. This feedback is essential to know what are going in customer’s minds, what customers want and need, what are their reasons for purchasing or not purchasing a certain product, and what products/services do customers really want to purchase. All these pile up to create a full picture for large companies to predict customer preference so that they can create products that will sell to the market. Companies then realize the potential of getting valuable feedback or surveys through the internet and offer pay for people to give real feedback.

In Paid Surveys and More, the idea is to use the website to see which surveys pay more so that you literally earn more while working less. However, it does need one thing: dedication to work at least an hour a week or a day because some companies require that you submit surveys each week. The entire process works this way: take some simple online surveys which costs around $10-$15, participate in focus groups for $45-$120 per hour, try out new products, eat at a restaurant, or keep products while getting paid to do these, and then preview movie trailers for $12-$35 and answer a few close ended questions. The entire thing can earn you from $10-$300 a day with minimal effort. So with the help of this website, all you have to do is log in, find a decent survey that pays at least $15, select this survey and add it to your list, and then complete the survey and preview the trailer as well as answer questions then collect your balance.

The amount of money you earn will reflect on the amount of work you want to do per day. The package is sold for $69 (a 50% discount is offered so it is sold for $34.5) with a 60 day money back guarantee and the following special bonuses: a way to get paid everyday for shopping, eating at restaurants, and driving your car; make money with information products; and generate large amounts of money through affiliate programs through blogs and other websites such as eBay and Amazon. To purchase this membership, all you have to do is make an online order using your credit card or any other certified payment method such as PayPal.

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  1. SCAM says:

    i signed up with this firm on 11-8/2010 and immediately called for a refund of my $34.00. Since then I have emailed 4 more times for a refund, to no avail. This company is a scam. I will be reporting them to the Federal Trade Commission this week. Do not waste your money.

    • scam says:

      It happened to me to but have no phone number to contact them or an email address to leave a message. Iwill also be reporting, do you have the phone number to them so I can possibly call, or any other info. to also help get my money back, Thank You Sorry there really are so many scams in this world :( Laura

      • Don says:

        So, tell me have you have any results getting your money back?

  2. jbeaver says:

    this one is definitely a scam. One week after paying $35.00 I requested a refund to no avail. I too shall contact the FTC to report these scam artists.The phone # is 800-209-5176.

  3. aaron cole says:

    man, what is going on. you make honest money only to have someone somewhere to come and snatch it away with a lie! this should be a federal offense to use the internet to scam people out of their money no matter what the amount is. the only ones that are obviously making the money are the scammers. no one is making the money but them.

  4. Chris Davis says:

    Do you have to pay the $10-15 for each survey yourself, before you start earning cash?

  5. Charlene says:

    I paid $24 for the program, then got an email to pay additional $67 for the Roboform (which almost screwd my computer up) it is definitely a scam & I can’t believe I fell for it! You have to spend money in order to participate in surveys! Read the fine print…I got my $67 back immediately and am cancelling the other on Monday. I gave it a month and am getting more junk email or you end up getting surveys that are 50-100 points, but I have never seen money.

  6. Marsha K says:

    I asked questions in an online chat before signing up: Are you an acredited BBB member. response- don’t know. What’s your official business name and city of registration? The response was about making money. I finally got Phoenix, AZ for location. I requested a phone number to talk to a live person. The response was that I didn’t need to worry about that because they took care of everything.
    They have an F rating with the BBB in part because the company has refused to send information requested.

  7. Sheila M says:

    Stay away from this organization. I paid my $24 and then was called and offered this supposedly great opportunity to receive coaching on running an online business; the whole thing was very vague. They seemed to take offense to the legitimate and reasonable questions being asked. The catch, a $1000 down payment and $3000 financed through them. When I told the rep that I wasn’t interested he was rude and obnoxious and behaved like a spoiled child. His behaviour and attitude were offensive and in opinion any company that employs people like that are not worthy of our time and money.

  8. Tommi says:

    I am wondering if anybody knows a number for that website I want my 24 dollars back I signed up and now I try to go back in and log in and it is saying wrong email and I can’t find no email or phone number to get this back I will also report them.

  9. Laurence Higgins says:

    Paid surveys an more is a joke…. you want your money back? hear is their # 1-866-775-1489. Or you can dispute the charge on your card that you used to pay with.
    jokers, THEY want you to max out your credit cards on them so THEY can help YOU make money, after they put you even more in debt. Moronic idiots…

  10. Michelle says:

    I am soooo glad I checked this out thanks a million almost made the same mistake!

  11. B.Galloway says:

    I paid $34 and went into the system, all that was available were .25 surveys I took 3 and then the system said no more surveys available, I sent 4 emails for a refund their system refused the emails, I contacted their bank 1-877-366-1121, they said would refund in 3-5 days, if i don’t see the money in 5 days my bank will file a claim. They are the biggest scam ever!!!

  12. lydia says:
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    oh my dayzzz, so glad i decide to check dis out, im sitting here with credit card in hand, was just about to make the same mistake. thanks everyone for posting!! :D these people should be locked away!!

  13. Marcus says:
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    Have no fear! I LOVE MY JOB! Federal injuction is pending on this company. If you have anymore sites that link back to the “paidsurveysandmore” site please let me know! Feds are currently seeking all sites so the they can be shut down. Owners will most likely do jail time. Yes, I said owners…there is no “KIM” even affiliated with this company.

  14. Sally says:
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    I decided to sign up with this website quite recently. They are currently in the process of giving me my money back (they said 3-5 days).

    To anyone who needs to get their money back first call 1-800-209-5176 and tell them you’d like a refund (for whatever reason).
    Next they will tell you how to submit a refund ticket. Follow the steps and do so. However, the company will still try to keep you as a member. Just be very firm. That is what I did. If my money is not returned within 3-5 business days I will be contacting my credit card company.
    I don’t think they are particularly a scam because I’m sure you could make some money if you figured out how to work the site to your advantage etc and I do have email proof from them that they WILL be returning my money.
    They are very pushy, but they probably aren’t actually a scam. Just be VERY firm.

    • Sally says:
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      That being said though, I would not recommend working with them to make money. It doesn’t seem as easy as it looks and it’ll just become a hassle to get your money back.

  15. Chavaun says:
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    Ughhh…dissapointment. Ive seen this survey company for awhile now and was actually excited to try it. So if this has gone belly-up, does anyone know of any good survey sites that are legit and profitable?

  16. Positive Outlook says:
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    I have been doing this for almost a week and have almost made my initial money back. This program takes alot of patience. The first few days i was furious ready to call and get my money back. And their representative does call at the worst possible time (when you are most frustrated)
    The few they give that give instant cash (inbox dollars and send earnings) are just two identical sites that offer little to no money and im not a big fan.
    So far in my first week i am sitting on the fence whether i will continue. But i do see potential money. my personal thought is if i invest in this company, i get into all these market research companies. if i choose to get my refund, then i will still be a member of these companies and have not lost a dollar.
    I think one of the keys i have learned in this first week is that it is helpful on some sites that request you buy something, to just shoot for the ones where you have to apply for a free trial. take the survey and then end subscription if you dont like what you get.

  17. Mike says:
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    why is it that on this site all of the last reviews are on a more positive note? how do we all know that the review sites are legit. basic rule of thumb for everyone is that it should NEVER cost you money to work.i have been doing my own research and have yet to find a LEGIT work at home company. please for everyone’s sake, do your research before sending ANYONE your hard earned money.

  18. FloridaSue says:
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    SCAM! Without a doubt. They do not deliver what they promise. Within 24 hours of giving them $45 99 plus $67.00 for VIP upgrade (for materials I never got by the way), MY PHONE RANG 68 TIMES with unsolicited and unwanted sales calls. Mathis company SELLS your information to other companies to MARKET YOU!! I got nowhere with my email requests for a refunds. My band credited the $$ back on my debit card and I have reported this SCAM company everywhere I can!!

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