OneHourBacklinks is a new backlink service created by the owners of the popular service. OneHourBacklinks specializes in fast backlinks through blog commentings, literally delivering links in less than an hour for smaller orders.

With you have the ability to control every aspect of your backlink with an easy to use order form.

Most backlinks providers or services take days, if not weeks, to complete the backlink packages that you order. With OneHourBacklinks you have the ability to have real backlinks, with a detailed report sent to you in less than a few hours. How’s that for speed?

Pricing starts out at $0.020 a link all the way down to $0.013 a link depending on the quantity that you order. Currently there is a max of 3,000 backlinks that you can order with the service. When we tested the order form, changing the 3,000 links moved the estimated delivery time to around 3 hours and 22 minutes.

You also have the ability to fully customize your order based on certain preferences that can help the overall quality of the backlinks that you order. For example, they offer a use ‘indexed links only’ option. What this means is that OneHourBacklinks will only post blog comments on pages that are indexed and visible to Google. That means you aren’t wasting your time on pages that Google hasn’t seen, or has potentially discounted and removed from there search results. This helps add to the ability for Google to revisit and index your links sooner, rather than later (or never). Utilizing the indexed links only option adds an additional $0.016 per link.

Want additional backlink value for your order? Use the ‘dofollow’ only option for an additional $0.160 per link. DoFollow versus NoFollow is a huge debate within the SEO community, although its always safer to go with DoFollow links than NoFollow. DoFollow means that the website/domain hasn’t placed the NoFollow attribute to the outgoing links, thus passing along the pagerank of the links. Overall DoFollow links will always be better than NoFollow.

What about PageRank links? You know, links with actual PageRank on them? Well OneHourBacklinks also offers a PR1+ link option at $0.160/link. This means that the page that your link will be placed on is guaranteed to have a PR1 or higher. This is great as you know that the value of the link is higher than one that has no pagerank or is even not indexed. While this may be a more expensive option, I’d always recommend to order PR1+ links than links with little to no pagerank value.

After determining the settings mentioned above you’ll need to complete the rest of the order form. This is where you give your URLs, keywords and can even create the comment that will be placed with your link. One great thing about this is that it utilizes the spun syntaxes which allows you to get your comments a little more spot on with your niche, thus potentially helping the quality of your comments. One small complaint that we have is that OneHourBacklinks doesn’t support URL/keyword matching with there service. This means that if you provide a list of 100 URLs and 100 different keywords they will be randomly chosen and matched. Meaning that the keyword that you wanted for your pet supply page may have an anchor text of another page that you wanted it matched with. Understandably this would be a feature that the power users would want, but again, it is a downside to this service.

Overall, OneHourBacklinks is a great service that offers excellent turn around time. You know exactly what you get before ordering, and the customization of your order is impressive. The website is a great breath of fresh air as its designed wonderfully and makes you actually want to use the website! Take your linkbuilding efforts to the next level with OneHourBacklinks.