Home Job Group is a membership program that provides work-at-home jobs through unique job matching. Its founder and CEO, Anne Wilson, have had her share of being out of a job with difficulty finding one. That’s why she created Home Job Group in 2006 to help in giving work-at-home jobs. The website provides its members with constant updates on the list of companies that are looking and hiring people to do work for them at home. The job variety is huge with jobs available from customer service to data entry, as well as administrative works and graphic design which are just among a few.

Home Job Group provides their three of membership with certain level of access to their program all of which are designed to provide a work-at-home job opportunity. The list of work-at-home job are constantly being updated by the companies on a regular basis giving immediate information to its members on job matching. Among the types of jobs listed are those work needed by companies to work at home and do administrative work, clerical work, order processing, proof reading, transcription, graphic design, web design, article writing, translation, advertising, marketing, as well as assembly, appointment setting or packaging. These are only a sample of the jobs available. The pay scale on any of these jobs varies among the companies that posted their hiring but as presented on the website, the program would say that salaries may be found anywhere from $200 to about $2,000 per week with a job listing on its database number over 1,500 at any given time.

The program provides six simple steps in getting a work-at-home job through Home Job Group. Step one is matching the job to your preference; step two will immediately provide access to members area main menu; step three is picking the job category found in the main menu; step four is checking the home job listings on the database specific to the chosen category; step five finding the perfect job match that suits the members interest as well as following the direction for job application; and finally step six is getting a response as to when to begin work.

Home Job Group has three types of membership and each kind has their own levels of service provided for each member. Members opting Basic Membership has a monthly fee of $14.95 and can access the members’ only area for two months’ time, after which the membership will expire. A support staff is provided to help members with their questions, if one is needed. Members choosing Premium Membership have a onetime payment of $49.95 and will be provided instant access to the premium database that currently lists over 1,500 unique work at home jobs. A private area is also provided showing the very best handpicked home jobs. Anne Wilson herself picked the job as the best among the best with updates on the handpicked selection. Home Job Group provides bonus materials included in this type of membership, they include the credit repair eBook and the resume writing kit. The third type of membership is the Ultimate Placement Service Membership which has a onetime payment of $99.95 and will receive as what Premium Memberships members received and a lot more including having everything done by the support staff. These membership levels offer affordable options as well as services not found anywhere.

All Home Job Group memberships come with an 8-week money back guarantee. For further questions, one can email their support group at info@homejobgroup.com.