Express Paid Surveys is a website that has members across the globe do surveys in order to earn money online. The idea is to earn cash while doing simple surveys for large companies that focus on products or services.

The main idea behind the Express Paid Surveys is to harness the availability of easy cash through easy work. Many large companies pay for valuable customer feedback and most of these companies have to spend a lot of money to get this. The original idea was to do it through hiring people to do the surveys, pitching in thousands of dollars just to get a collated data on numbers and trends. Nowadays, large companies realized the need to cost cut and an easier method to get valuable feedback is through going directly to the customers and pay them to answer these surveys in exchange for a brief period of time spent on the customer’s part. This eliminates the need for a middle man and thus decreasing the cost on the company’s part. But why are surveys important? It helps companies predict customer behavior: their preferences, their likes and dislikes, what they want to be present in the product, which brands that sell products that are being used today commonly; so that they will be able to create products that sell in the market and increase their profits. It may be referred to as beating the competition by giving the customers what they really want.

Express Paid Surveys is one of the many sites that offer survey based membership. The difference with Express Paid Surveys is that they too offer links to surveys that pay – but they give the ones that are give the best payback. Their membership ranges from $24.95 for a three month membership, $39.95 for a one year membership, and an additional $34.95 for unlimited membership V.I.P Access. The standard membership gives you access to members only Express Paid Surveys website and a software that lets you fill up surveys in a much easier and faster way through its automated feature, while the Unlimited V.I.P. Access includes all of the benefits in a standard package plus the following features: Get Paid to Drive Your Car Normally, Get Paid to Pass Out Free Samples, and Get Paid To Read Emails Normally. You can start earning money online as soon as you sign up and pay the membership fee. The company assures you that there will be no hidden charges and no monthly bill will be allowed. The reason for the membership fee is that they cannot bill you directly from your employers since employers pay directly to you, so that means only you can have access to your financial accounts while doing unlimited number of surveys that you can do.

Express Paid Surveys is designed to connect you to popular retail businesses that are looking for your feedback. Express Paid Surveys comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. If you aren’t fully satisfied with your results simply request your money back anytime within those sixty days for a full refund.