BuildMyRank is a new blog network created to help internet marketers simplify their link building efforts. With Build My Rank you have direct access to PR 1 – PR 6 websites, although unlike other networks BuildMyRank is a private blog network. This means that they individually own and operate all websites.

Using BuildMyRank’s service is simple and straight forward, they’ve created a very user friendly back office to help you manage and check the status of your individual campaigns. BuildMyRank also has an intuitive Projects Tab which allows you to sort your projects by Domain name and a top level Project Category. After creating your projects, and adding your domain you are then able to create your post.

Unfortunately you are not able to submit spun variations of titles and content to BuildMyRank. That means for each “post” or snippet that gets sent out to the network you need to write both an unique title and content for that post. On one hand that’s a great thing, since it helps keep the network less spammy and of higher quality. Build My Rank also requires a minimum of 150 words per link for each post, meaning if you want two links in a specific post you will need a minimum of three hundred words. BuildMyRank also has a nice feature that allows you to drip feed your link building process, scheduling when your posts go “live” which is fantastic for most SEOs as we don’t like to have huge blasts of links going out.

Overall Build My Rank is a blog network to pay attention too, and sign up for if you want to take your linkbuilding one step further. It can be somewhat a pain that BuildMyRank doesn’t accept spun variations of content and titles, although on another hand I can completely understand why. This helps keep the content of higher standards.

BuildMyRank essentially creates one random post or article throughout their websites for each submission you make. Unlike other networks that slowly post your links, or blast out your links at once, Build My Rank will only get you one link (or however many in your article) per submission. Again that’s great for keeping the network decluttered and jammed up with crap although on the other hand means that you need to be that much more attentive to using BuildMyRank.

In the end, BuildMyRank when matched with other linkbuilding methods is an absolute killer. It helps keep the quality of your inbound links diverse, which is exactly what the search engines want to see. A thousand low quality blog posts, from PR0 websites isn’t gonna help if you don’t have some higher quality backlinks for support. Build My Rank offers that support.