Article Marketing Automation is a public blog syndication network. Article Marketing Automation is a white label variation of MyArticleNetwork. Therefore the interface and overall design of the website is completely identical.

Article Marketing Automation is comprised of over 2,000 blogs and websites available for distribution and syndication. Created by Matt Callen, Article Marketing Automation is not any different then MyArticleNetwork. Blog owners and website owners can sign up for free to receive content to their websites or blogs. Search engines like updated content, it lets them know that there is still activity going on and that they should return back to their website often.

Article distribution is unique and widespread on Article Marketing Automation. Public blog networks are generally comprised of more websites for distribution although they can be of lower quality then a private network. Wide spread distribution though is a great thing as there will be more diversity in domain registration, hosting information, and other vital signs that help reduce signs of “networks”.

Article Marketing Automation accepts spun articles as well. This helps you distribute a higher volume of articles over a wider range of websites, all while assuring a higher indexing rate. You are able to spin both your titles and content. Keep in mind that you will want to spin your content to be atleast 30% unique as blog owners are shown the exact percentage of the spun content. Some blogs and website owners will only accept a higher rate of original content. Therefore be sure to spin your content as much as possible to make it as original as possible for the website owners. This will increase your overall distribution rate.