Zero Friction Marketing, designed by Saj Purkayastha, is a step-by-step course with video modules and reference guides to teach marketers how to create an income through Cost Per Action (CPA) marketing. With Zero Friction Marketing you’ll learn industry techniques and secrets on how to make a successful CPA income in the easiest and shortest amount of time possible.

Popular internet marketer Saj Purkayastha is most notoriously known for doing so well with one CPA network that his income and money was locked down for a review in order to determine whether white hat marketing methods were used. Obviously there wasn’t a problem after the review process but this goes to show the power of the methods described in Zero Friction Mraketing.

The Zero Friction Marketing course was designed to show internet marketers how to leverage and create successful online marketing campaigns. You’ll learn how to avoid using PPC platforms like Google Adwords, how to avoid creating a website, while promoting CPA offers successfully.

Zero Friction Marketing emphasizes on reducing the “friction” typically associated with the online purchase process. Reducing the friction between potential customers and CPA offers will mean a higher ROI for you and your CPA networks. Through this instructional step by step course you’ll learn the tricks of using less visited search engines to optimize the rate of your return. Search engines that have less searchers will mean less competition, whether it’s a PPC campaign or search engine optimization. Purkayastha will teach you how to identify and match the best niche campaigns with certain search engines. You’ll have step by step instructions teaching you how to create killer ads, what to avoid when creating ads, and how to create an ad campaign that you can set and forget.

Zero Friction Marketing offers an industry standard 60-day money back guarantee. If for some reason you don’t find the value in Zero Friction Marketing simply request your money back.