The WP Syndicator is a fully automated plug-in that helps promote your blog and generate massive amounts of traffic to earn money. Created by Andy Fletcher, the WP Syndicator is an automated system that promotes your blog, individual posts, and creates and finds powerful back links as well as affiliated sites that are free to use in order to catapult your blog to the top of search engines in the internet.

But how does WP Syndicator work? After purchasing the product, all you have to do is install the application. Once the application is installed, you begin by creating accounts or use your existing ones into the site you wish your blog to be promoted, such as Blogger, Twitter, Plurk, or Multiply among many others. Once this is done, you continue by configuring the plug-in and select automatic or manual syndication. You can also syndicate your existing posts or content to make it continually generate traffic to your blog. Afterwards, every time you post content in your blog, WP Syndicator will automatically promote it to Top 15 web 2.0 sites which will help generate endless traffic, with the other posts still generating traffic as well. The entire process of setting up this automated engine takes you less than 20 minutes and once it’s set up, you virtually have to do nothing after.

Additional features of the WP Syndicator include tagging links with high quality and instant traffic to every single post or content as well as create back links to your blog by keywords that you specify or the keywords automatically extracted by the WP Syndicator from your posts. This plug in is sold for $49.95 with a 60 day money back guarantee. In summary, you get automatic syndication of your blog and blog posts to top 2.0 websites, indexing of blog posts, deep linking to high traffic websites that are permanent, continuous and instant traffic surges, and free unlimited tech support for questions, inquiry, or advice. The WP Syndicator is sold in three packages: standard package sold for $49.95 (single domain license), five domain license for $66.95 (five domain license), and premium package for $67.00 (multi domain license with premium support).

Special bonuses included in this product are the Reverse Squeeze Page plug-in by John Taylor and unlimited updates and free lifetime support. The Reverse Squeeze Page is a tool that specifies how much content can be available to be seen by your readers before your website requires them to input personal information such as email and contact information so that they can be added to your email list. Why is there a need for quality limited access to your content? It whets the appetite of readers and subscribers and lets them see that your website is worth subscribing for. All these are good features added to the WP Syndicator.