Whitehat Copycat was designed and created by Tim Bekker. Created to teach anyone how to start making money online within thirty days, without any previous success. This training system was designed to teach you the fundamental tips and tricks to become successful online.

Whitehat Copycat is a blueprint system that gives you step by step instructions on how to begin making profits online without any cost or any previous experience. Designed to have clear and in depth instructions which are easy to read and follow. Unlike many other online marketing systems, you won’t find information about PPC advertising. Whitehat Copycat gives you direct access to unique templates that have are proven to work, some that have brought as much as 80,000 visitors to a site, each and every month. Tim teaches you the exact niches that you should go after, matched with the exact affiliate programs to use. Identifying the right niches is one of the hardest aspects of affiliate marketing. Whitehat Copycat eliminates that altogether by providing to you exactly what works.

Whitehat Copycat’s blueprint system was created to make sure that there isn’t a single part missing from your online campaigns. It will identify which niches are perfect to start and get into, followed by the more competitive niches to target once you’ve created a few residual income streams from the untapped niches. Whitehat Copycat’s system is comprised of tiny optimized niche sites that many of the larger online gurus use. You never need to edit any HTML, or PHP, and the websites are easy to edit. Tim’s program was designed to save you money as well. You’ll learn how to maximize your income by eliminating the costs associated with registering tons of domains. With this system, you’ll learn how to take advantage of one domain.

After purchasing Whitehat Copycat you’ll be given direct access to many other online marketing courses. You’ll be given The Whitehat Copycat Blueprint, The Niche Blueprint, The Product Blueprint, The Download Page Blueprint, The Site Blueprint, The Traffic Blueprint, and finally the Download Platform Blueprint. These step-by-step blueprints were created to walk through the system, in a non-intimidating way.

Whitehat Copycat comes with a standard sixty day money back guarantee. If the blueprints provided in this training course don’t get you making money online, simple request your money back and within a few business days you’ll see your refund.