The Web Traffic Genius is a brainchild of the known Marketing Assasins, Tim and Anthony Buchalka. It is basically a newly designed WordPress plug in that is made to earn tons of cash through affiliate accounts from massive RSS submissions.

For any website owner, traffic generation is very important. Why? Because with a higher traffic number it implies that a higher number of visitors are on your website, and this will mean that a higher probability of generating sales exists. But traffic generation is very hard to do, as Google designed the internet market to only accept back links with a credible source. To explain this more clearly, having links from a site that is rated as Google friendly will carry more weight when ranked in search engines than having numerous links from web directories as the back links listed there are only seen as reciprocal links and usually of low quality. To generate more traffic, one must also be on the top results when keywords that are applicable to you or your product are inputted in search engines such as Google. But to get to top these search engines, the importance of generating quality enough back links comes into play.

The Web Traffic Genius has the following features offered to its customers:

It automatically submits to major RSS directories on the web once a new blog post is put up on your website. This will help in generating links and getting promoted in web 2.0 sites.
It creates feeds for each new post that is made with the Web Traffic Genius. The number of back links are then increased exponentially as having a feed for each post increases the submission given without having to do additional work such as manual submission.
It builds links with and for other sites as an additional feature called extra feeds. You only have to input other websites you desire to be linked to, configure some options, and then once you post new content, new links will be generated along side other tools through the websites you have linked to.
Use their customized WordPress package to create easier blogs. There are other tools listed in this feature as well, which will help in customizing your blog or website and make it the best and ranked number one in search engines.

The Web Traffic Genius is a great plug in that will be beneficial to the beginning marketer or a seasoned pro. The product is sold for $97 under a 60 days money back guarantee. For any reason whatsoever such as you don’t find the product helpful at all or it does not live up to its promises, all you have to do is request a refund and they will do so without any questions asked.