The Twitter Online System is a series of step by step video guides that will teach you how to create an automated system you can use on Twitter to help you earn money through affiliate marketing. Alvin Phang, the creator of Twitter Online System, is also the mind behind the Atomic Blogging System 3.0. At present, Twitter has more than 14 million users that an affiliate marketer can turn into customers.

The Twitter Online System has 3 main functions; it will help you generate a massive amount of followers, it will automate your content generation to build a reputable Twitter community, and it will help you earn money through affiliate marketing by turning your followers into customers.

The first video of Twitter Online System will show you how to create the perfect Twitter account built for online marketing. The next video called the Twitter Cash Machine, will give you steps on how to set up your Twitter account as a money making system.

The third video will teach you how to automate your Twitter responses. This is very useful since your followers would want to get quick responses when they need some information from you. The fourth video will show you how to generate content on autopilot. This serves as your reputation builder since most Twitter followers would want fresh information every time they visit your page.

The fifth video will teach you an automated system that will give you thousands of targeted followers. And lastly, the sixth video will teach you the steps you need to take in order to find the most popular people on Twitter and connect with them. Connecting with popular people on Twitter will surely boost your reputation and gain you more followers, which means you will also get more portion of the market where you can earn your money.

There are also bonuses bundled with the Twitter Online System. The first one is a 30 day free trial to the Twitter Online System Gold membership service which will give you monthly updates, videos and tools. You will also gain access to several web tools like the Atomic Twitter Tool. You will also get 2 additional videos that will teach you how to manage multiple Twitter accounts, tweet scheduling and making money on Twitter even if you’re on a holiday.

The price tag of the Twitter Online System is at $37.00 bundled with a no questions asked 56 days money back guarantee. If the system will not live up to its promise, you can contact their customer support and ask for a refund. When you purchase the system, you can also opt to continue your Gold membership for $9.95 a month. You can cancel this subscription any time you want. For Twitter fans wanting to make money through affiliate marketing, the Twitter Online System can be the system that you have been waiting for.