The Prosperity Paradox was created by Burt Goldman with the slogan of “Discover the three easy steps to resetting your money mindset and live out the rest of your life in a state of effortless abundance”. It is more of a blueprint or guide on how to manage money, grow it, and to be successful as it discusses in depth what beliefs and paradigms we should have as a mind set.

What is the Prosperity Paradox in the first place? Simply put, it is a wrong mindset that many people have that prevents them from achieving financial success. This is where the Prosperity Blueprint comes in as discussed by Goldman. So what is inside this eBook? First of all, the Prosperity Blueprint works by resetting old beliefs and exchanging them for new ones that work. It frees them from the bondage of a great financial burden and lets them see opportunities like never before. It inculcates new “rules” that ensure prosperity and abundance for many, and lets one be more effective and flexible in thinking about issues related to money. Once this old blueprint has been taken out, you are now ready to develop a new prosperity blueprint, which will leave you with the following: (1) learn how to manage wealth especially assets to gain more, (2) erase all feelings of financial unworthiness and negativity from your mind, and (3) inspire others especially your loved ones to make better financial decisions.

Inside the Prosperity Paradox are nine modules. The first module discusses the three enemies of prosperity, the second on how to reverse the magnetic force that attracts prosperity from negative to positive, and the third module teaches a certain meditation to eliminate the old beliefs that you have. The fourth module expounds on the five easy steps to set your very own prosperity blueprint, while the fifth module gives an example of success – in the form of a minimum wage earner into a money magnet. The sixth is more on awakening the new blueprint in you, the seventh is learning the “as if” technique (or faking until one makes it to the top), the eight is a lesson on how to achieve and what to do with it, and the ninth is the ultimate meditation to meet one’s alter ego for positive personal transformation.

The entire set of modules is sold for a good price of $47 with a 60 days money back guarantee. If one does not find the product up to standards, then simply drop a call or email to their help desk online, and they will gladly refund your money back with no questions asked. Many find the Prosperity Paradox a great self help eBook, and it might have the answers people have been looking for in a long time.