The Autoresponder Code is another product that has been recently launched by Tim Bekker. Previously hailed for the success of another product known as the White Hat CopyCat, this sold to a lot of people as it allowed them to select blogs, copy them, and paste them somewhere else, thereby making them earn money in a very short period of time. With this new product released last June 15, 2010, it teaches online marketers how to build their email list and generate lots of cash through product launches and selling of ClickBank products. It is a very informative eBook that will be useful to both newbies and seasoned online marketers.

Why is it important to build your list? With the numerous software that is available today that promises to build a larger email list, the importance of this is highlighted in the fact that the money is in the list. The bigger the list an online marketer has, the greater the probability of selling a product and earning cash. But take note however, that it cannot be just any list, but a targeted one that offers to customers that has the highest potential to purchase your product. Where does the Autoresponder Code come in? By personal example, Bekker was able to have 120,000 unique visitors and over 40,000 subscribers in just a couple of days using this secret he has uncovered.

With this knowledge at hand, the Autoresponder Code offers the following benefits compared to other eBooks: (1) marketing techniques that can be applied to your online business venture to increase profits dramatically, (2) how to personally customize your products to make it stand out from competitors and increase subscription rates, (3) new techniques that lets you set up lead tracks for any affiliate program without spending any money, (4) set up two tier programs in ClickBank for free, (5) new automation techniques to apply to your current venture, (6) how to open emails, and (7) how to optimize capture pages for great squeezes, among many other benefits. The eBook provides clear, understandable, and organized information, has pictures, drawings, and illustrations for better understanding and can be used by any newbie and still helpful to experienced marketers, and gives new secrets in addition to old ones to dominate the online market.

The entire package is sold for $37 with a 56 days money back guarantee. This is a very affordable price in exchange for valuable information. Also, if you have purchased the product and think that it is not up to standards and do not deliver as it is supposed to, then you can simply call them or send them an email at their friendly support team and they will gladly return your money with absolutely no questions asked.