Social Bookmarking Demon is a tool that helps you automate Social Bookmarking your websites on a wide variety of social bookmarking websites. Social Bookmarking Demon will bookmark your website on just about any Scuttle, Scuttle Plus, Pligg and PHPDug social bookmarking websites.

Social bookmarking can be an extremely long, and painful process, especially if you have many websites that you need to bookmark at the same time. Social Bookmarking Demon will automatically create accounts on bookmarking websites, verify all verification emails, and then manage your accounts from within the program. After creating accounts, simply load up the URLs that you want to bookmark and SBMD will go to the webpages, extract the Title and Meta Description field for social bookmarking. You can also spin your titles and descriptions to help make the submissions as unique as possible, which will help any spam footprints and decrease the chances of your social accounts becoming banned.

Social Bookmarking Demon comes with a wide variety of features that other bookmarking programs don’t offer. Such as:

Scheduler: Schedule all of your social bookmarking to help maintain a consistent link building schedule
Proxy changing: The ability to utilize proxies, which helps keep your accounts active for a longer period of time
Spam Prevention: Help keep your accounts even more active by utilizing SBMDs spam prevention. You determine the level of your spam, and SBMD will determine how many times it will bookmark your pages.

Social Bookmarking Demon is what I like to call a second level link building tool. As long as you utilize other tools to build your initial and first phase backlinks, then Social Bookmarking Demon is a fabulous tool. If you purchase SBMD with the intention of ranking your website by simply mass social submissions, then you will be disappointed with your purchase. If on the other hand you are using SBMD to help index other backlinking properties, such as linkwheels, or blog network posts, then this is a fabulous tool. This will not only help make sure that your other posts get indexed, but will also make sure that those links are of higher quality then they would be without any backlinks pointing to them.

Social Bookmarking Demon is a flat price, and no service fee product. It is constantly being updated, and offers a tremendous amount of features that makes this tool one of the best bookmarking tools on the market. From automating account creation, to managing your projects, and even adding DeCaptcher and Proxy support. You really can’t go wrong, this is a tool that every serious internet marketer should have in their arsenal.