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Simply PLR is a content development program created by Matt Callen, who is an affiliate marketer and an entrepreneur in online income. This product sells articles on niche topics that are rich with keywords to its users. The product works as a membership program where the users will sign up pay a yearly fee and they will be provided with a regular supply of articles for their blog that is specifically designed to draw in traffic to their website.

Simply PLR offers every webmasters dream to have traffic generating content for their website. This product will provide the users with articles containing keywords in order to draw in traffic, however, the user will not be able to choose the topic of the articles per month. The articles are offered in both normal text files and spin ready files, where the users can easily tweak with the contents within to generate their own unique contents for their site. This product thus attempts to cater to all type of users, whether their the type of user who wants to just upload the article and then wait for the traffic to generate or the type of users who wants to put more effort in their site and thus spinning the article in order to make it more original. This product basically reduces the time the webmasters need to spend researching and writing their own web content as well as creating web friendly, useful and easy to read content for web users who may stumble upon the site. This product is also paving the way for easy link backs, which are very effective in increasing traffic. Besides increasing traffic this product has another benefit, which is its easy article upload system, this product makes it extremely quick and simple for the users to upload their articles and thus saving them any hassle that they would have otherwise faced. At the same time Simply PLR also ensures customer service so that they could utilize their articles for their users as effectively as possible.

The creator of the Simply PLR product, Matt Callen is rather well known in the online communities for his work as an affiliate marketer and something of an online entrepreneur. Simply PLR is just one of his many products, which besides being effective are also praised by other marketers in his field.

The best thing about Simply PLR appears to be its price, for a yearly fee of $27 the users are provided with more than 220 articles a month. Although the user does not get to choose the topic, with this many to choose from, they should be able to find one that suits their need with no difficulty what so ever.

Simply PLR comes with a standard sixty day money back guarantee. If for some reason you aren’t happy with Simply PLR just request your money back.

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  1. agabad says:
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    I signed up for SimplyPLR a while ago. Although I cancelled immediately after a single month, and asked for a refund after that first month. Personally I don’t think that you get the true value with this program. The PLR articles they offer are really just not worth it. The sales page sold me on the fact that they’d teach me what to do with these articles. Although never at any point did I learn what to do with them. Support is good and answers questions quickly. Personally I don’t think it is worth the money.

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